today was

Today was successful. I slept 3 hours. I got a piano lesson from a nice friend. I finished all of my homework. I went to classes. I got coffee with another nice friend. I edited/uploaded some videos from the Queen open mic. I went to work. I left work early for a study session. I left the study session early for an awesome planning meeting with new friend Joe who will be filming our music video for Two Hands next weekend ^_^ I brought some of my guitars and recording equipment to the student center. I went to an honors program senior year reunion and got free ice cream and mountain dew and saw lots of friends including Katie Baker. I got to spend three hours recording an Asian worship band for Eric’s drum audition tape. So much fun. Today was a good Wednesday.

wishes-he-was-Asian Joe and my next-year-housemate-half-Asian Mike and some other full Asians ^_^
stereo mixdown bleah
so good so attractive

constantly moving

Lots of things are happening right now. We played our largest show yet this past Wednesday at the Scrounge. SCPAB gave us this awesome opportunity to open up for our friends Jenny & Tyler. It was a very fun night. The people running the sound system sort of ruined it because they shut off our monitors completely, but we pulled through and ended strong and our friends got to come out and see us and we got to meet new people and people got to listen to what we have worked hard on despite the fact that we could not hear a thing on stage ^_^ IHOP with SCPAB friends and J&T afterwards.

Exciting stuff. Booking a few more shows on and around campus for the end of April/early May. Let us know if you want us to play anywhere (if anyone other than our best-fan-ever Cara reads this). Wednesday ended a six-day performance spree for me, which is more than I should have done. It was very taxing on my singin’ voice yay.

Anyway. I have been reading and thinking a lot. School is not meant to be easy. I have a hard time getting motivated enough to study. I would much rather sit and have coffee and talk, which is what most of my study sessions turn into, since people are much more intriguing than books (some of them at least). Something I have been seriously struggling with is finding faults in others. It is not my place to judge. I find that I over-analyze things (“more than a girl” I was recently told bluntly) and see everything that everyone else messes up. I will never be happy loving someone (or living with someone in this case) if I let every single mess and quirk and smell and piece of trash and food and mail and song and dryer sheet fetish bother me.

It’s been raining a lot and literally every piece of technology that I touch has been dying lately. So depressing. My PC died in February and two laptops have died so now I’m on my third backup, an old Dell Inspiron 1200 which for some reason an ex gave to me a few years after we broke up. I have had a fresh install of XP running for a few hours now so lets hope she holds up.

Lack of technology gives me more time to study and think and talk and read and write and play music, which is a good thing I think. I hate technology. I knew when I started school that majoring in engineering would eventually lead to this conclusion. Bleah >.<

PS – I am officially Asian!

[FAWM-Blog] Day 01

Lunch break!

Balancing an 8-hour work day with sleep, nutrition, and life is hard enough.

This marks the start of a crazy month. Song #1 and maybe #2 tonight?

Played the open mic at Mojo Main with Em again last night. Good times (: Got to play some of my older stuff. An Asian couple walked in during my last song and I was soooo distracted. They were cute and I was jealous.

I can’t wait to pick up a guitar when I get home and write tonight. Also, we are having our final Battleshy Youths mixing session so that is exciting ^_^


Physics 208Randomly selected from my email. Physics 208 ancient lab equipment yay