today was

Today was successful. I slept 3 hours. I got a piano lesson from a nice friend. I finished all of my homework. I went to classes. I got coffee with another nice friend. I edited/uploaded some videos from the Queen open mic. I went to work. I left work early for a study session. I left the study session early for an awesome planning meeting with new friend Joe who will be filming our music video for Two Hands next weekend ^_^ I brought some of my guitars and recording equipment to the student center. I went to an honors program senior year reunion and got free ice cream and mountain dew and saw lots of friends including Katie Baker. I got to spend three hours recording an Asian worship band for Eric’s drum audition tape. So much fun. Today was a good Wednesday.

wishes-he-was-Asian Joe and my next-year-housemate-half-Asian Mike and some other full Asians ^_^
stereo mixdown bleah
so good so attractive

[FAWM-Blog] Day 23

Moving closer to the end of the month!! Stress >.< Em and Todd and I were in the Delaware News Journal yesterday for FAWM (: ABC interview is scheduled for tomorrow too so exciting.

Just finished this song that I wrote last night. This is by far the strangest song that I have ever written or sung..let me know what you think (:

The I Should Be Doing My Homework Right Now Song
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 09 - The I Should Be Doing My Homework Right Now Song


Battleshy Youths
Battleshy Youths in the woods

Dave Powlison is awesome and met up with us on Sunday. More pictures will be posted very soon (: