We trapped a squirrel in our kitchen. He had been eating our food for a couple weeks. We put him in my trunk and drove around in circles for a while to confuse him, then we let him out near the state park. He ran away quickly; I think we scared him.


We got an entire song tracked last night (: Six(ish) more to go.

Danny tracking on the fancy Martin

Another story!
Yesterday at physical therapy (which is *slowly* helping my back), there was an Italian. He works for a big ol’ physical therapy company in Italy, which is a FIFA (International Football) preferred site. That means he got to treat lots of world cup players and other international players that travel to Italy. Exciting (: I guess he is here to take classes or learn English or realize that America is the best. Idk.

Also, just got this at work: “We will be implementing a number of cost reduction initiatives, which will necessitate a reduction in our workforce.” Hopefully it doesn’t effect engineers!

Also, my car (MJ) is out of Pep Boys. She didn’t like how expensive repairs were, but she has shiny new front and rear brakes and drums so she is happy now. Yay.

lots of paint

The third L for painting was “lots of paint.” That makes much more sense than my guess of left-handed.

I still haven’t unpacked my room because I have been distracted by the shelving situation in the kitchen. We only have a couple cabinets, so we tore out a false wall and started to build some shelves last night. I got distracted by the Flyers game and was excited that they won and then I went to sleep. My room is a mess.