So, Erin and I played at World Cafe Live at the Queen Theater’s open mic last night. When we walked on stage and Kyle S announced that we (as The Honey Badgers) are part of Battleshy Youths, this guy yelled, “Battlestar Youths! I f—ing heard you guys on the radio…they were saying you were gonna play at the Bunsen Bean!”

This was very exciting, even though 50% of his facts were wrong. We are Battleshy Youths (most of the time) and we played at the Burlap and Bean in October. People that I don’t know have told me that they have heard of us before, but never on the radio until now. It was nice. Our set was fun, and afterwards this guy (Lee) came and talked to us and said that he is trained in the art of improv and wanted to sing us a song in exchange for a CD. Of course we wanted to hear this epicness, so we went outside and this happened:

Fun times.

My NaNoWriMo progress is going very slowly. I have 2000 words done….out of 50000 >.< Hopefully I’ll catch up when I get a day off. What I have written so far is pretty epic though yay.

delmarva folk festival promo video!

This is a fun promo video we (as The Honey Badgers) made with Salvage Kin. We are pretty excited for this show. The Delmarva Folk Festival Folk Hero Contest Finals are this Friday 10/7 at 7pm near Hartly, DE (352 Downs Chapel Road) – check for details. It’s only $5 and we need fans to come out and vote for us…so if you don’t already have a copy of our CD Grow and you come vote for us Friday, we’ll give you a copy fo’ free. Just come talk to Michael. We go on at 9pm, and Salvage Kin closes out the night at 10pm. The winner gets to play the festival main stage Saturday 10/8 at noonthirty.

We’re also the featured performer this Thursday night at the wonderful Burlap and Bean open mic in Newtown Square, PA (204 South Newtown Street Rd Newtown Square, PA 19073). It starts at 7:00, we’ll probably go on around 8:00 or 8:15. Come join us (:

block party fun

Got everything set up to play tonight and then a monumental downpour hit Wilmington for the second time in the day >.< Tore everything down, shut off the moon bounce, and scampered to bring the meat in off the grill…ate inside and met people from this block party by candlelight since the power went out…rain subsided and they got the generator started to inflate the moon bounce and run the PA system ^_^

Really fun acoustic set. I’m not sure if that was The Honey Badgers, or a Battleshy Youths duet, or Michael Natrin featuring Mitchell Ebbott, but either way it was enjoyable yay (:




“the honey badgers!”

We made it! updated yesterday and listed The Honey Badgers as winners of the first round of Delmarva Folk Festival’s “Folk Hero” contest. Our friends Salvage Kin also made it (they just finally picked a name, so you should “like” them asap ^_^). This means that we get to perform at the Delmarva Folk Festival Friday, October 7th. We will be competing with five other groups for the winning prize of a Saturday festival performance spot as well as cash and recording and photography time. So…come out and see us again then. Video and audio recordings from the coffeehouse are above. Everyone loved the banana bread and it all got eaten ^_^

me and Erin yay
me and Erin yay

Oh, how did we come up with the name? First, who is “us?” I asked my friend Erin to play violin for some Battleshy Youths songs to make them folksier to hopefully try to win the coffeehouse (success) and then I remembered she could sing so…that’s us. Me and Erin. We walked in Saturday night and I signed us up and I said “what should we call ourselves?” Of course Erin is a Youtube enthusiast and responded with “The Honey Badgers” without even hesitating…so that’s what I wrote ^_^ Someone called it bittersweet. My mother called it stupid. She doesn’t like any of my band names. “Battleshy Youths makes you sound like wimps.” But she likes the music and comes to shows (:

Anyway, “The Honey Badgers” is just the duet form of Battleshy Youths. “Michael Natrin” is just the solo form of Battleshy Youths. “Battleshy Youths” is just the full band version of Battleshy Youths. And that’s about it. I think Cara Watson and Danny Hill might be tied for BSY show attendance, which is actually impressive since Danny is a member and Cara is not a member…she is the #1 superfan.

Also, I am pretty sure that Kool-Aid has the greatest recipe ever…”add a cup of sugar, more or less to taste” teehee #sugarrush

Battleshy Youths updates: we have an exciting show planned for this Saturday night at the Wilmington Film Co-op at 2nd and Loma at 6pm. $6 gets you in to see us and The Paper Janes rock out (: We need people to show up, so you should come!