Erin and I went to InDEpendence Music Network‘s “Meet the Producers” event last night at Extreme Pizza in Wilmington. It was very extreme.

I was introduced to some local musicians that I hadn’t met previously. We got to meet a few producers and ask them about their studios and equipment and setups and other things that we hadn’t really considered beforehand but probably should have. It was very good. Trying to plan out The Honey Badgers‘ next move. Exciting stuff.




(Happy Spring!)

My garden is growing!

LETTUCE. Need to transplant to dirt now yay
BASIL. Just came up ^_^
TULIPS. Red ones aren't out yet ):


Me and Kevin getting free Rita's at lunch!


the new year

In 2011: I played 52 shows, not counting twenty or so open mic nights that I attended/played. Battleshy Youths’ bandcamp account had over 2200 streaming plays, we had a couple hundred physical CD sales at shows, around fifty online sales, and our Youtube account received close to 2000 total views as well. I’m really happy with that and so grateful that people and friends and fans come out to shows and buy our music and support us and like us on facebook and tweet at us and are, in general, pretty awesome ^_^ I wouldn’t want things any other way. Thank you for an amazing year; I hope the next is even better.

My car’s engine decided to explode the other day, so I am currently carless, but this New Years’ Eve/Day weekend was wonderful anyway. We played Friday night as The Honey Badgers at the first ever Mayan Pub house show. Lots of fun. Ricecracker Riley joined us on Irish Accordion for our song, “Over My Head.” It was a very unique and wonderful experience.

New Years’ Eve was marked by an awesome afternoon acoustic show/Shane Palko CD release. Harmony the Harpist played and I ran sound and The Honey Badgers did a set as well as Soriya and Ian and then of course Shane played stuff from the new CD, “Songs From Pretoria,” and also some newer songs (it’s weird that by the time a CD is out, you already have new material written).

The Honey Badgers with guest Ricecracker Riley on Irish Accordion, 12/30/11

Ricecracker Riley with the Honey Badgers:

Harmony Mooney playing “Lamentation” on her harp, Minnie.

2011 had some lows but also a lot of high points. I was live on the radio a half dozen times, in the state newspaper and the UD newspaper multiple times, and most importantly I met lots of incredible people in bands and at venues and through mutual friends…things are great. The community we’re building here is such a great experience/experiment. I am joyful.

One of my favorite pictures from 2011 ^_^

My new years’ resolution (lame) is mainly to get back on top of the things in my life – to keep up with deadlines and meetings and being on time and being prepared and knowing what is happening. I’ve been in an overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, downward spiral for the past few years, and things are starting to look up. Thanks for reading friends; you make all of the things that I do so worth it.


I have a lot of junk.

When normal people say something like that, you assume they have a lot of stuff. I’m not normal. If you were to see my room right now, you would possibly be scared. Unless you’re Shane, and then you call it an organized mess. I have more clothing, books, furniture, and sound equipment than I’ll ever need. It is easy for me to fill my entire car full of technology when I go to play a show or do a recording…but I’ve been thinking lately about the fact that I don’t really need all of that all the time. Too much stuff is sometimes complicated and confusing and makes a job harder. I need to learn how to use the right tools for a specific job. We play simple music, so we need simple mixes.

I’ve been working on a mix of a Honey Badger song called “Don’t Remind Me” and I just wasn’t happy with all of the technology and channels and plugins, so I ended up stripping it down to just the ambient room mic with a bit of eq and compression. You can hear the natural reverb from Gore Recital Hall, where we recorded. I like it. The Honey Badgers’ new EP, “Booth Bay,” will be ready soon ^_^

Take a listen!

The Honey Badgers - Don't Remind Me