define home

After much thought and consideration on how to define the word (this post has been a draft for at least a month), I have come to a conclusion – Home is wherever you do your laundry. Home is wherever you cook dinner. Home is wherever you and your friends end up for the night. Home is love and peacefulness and comfort. Home is a mindset, and it is wherever you happen to make it be. I am home.

p.s. - This is Pablo. I met him in the 7-11 parking lot. He was pretty nice to me.

the paper janes

Two pictures today!
Last night I played at my friend Shane’s house show. I got to open up the night and then just sit around, eat, record, and enjoy the music. Here is Shane with his bandmate Jess. They are both amazing and very talented  musicians:

The Paper Janes
The Paper Janes

When I got home, I found this. My (married) friends Mitch and Laura stopped by while I was out. Yay:

mitch and laura
Mitch and Laura

Besides Spain winning the world cup, it was a great weekend.

olympic development

This is a great article on how incredibly fit the FIFA international soccer referees are. Most people don’t realize that refs run much  farther than any player does during the game. The stress and physical requirements necessary to perform well before and during matches are extremely difficult to deal with.

This weekend I was on the field at 6:30am Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I didn’t leave until 6:30, and Sunday I got to leave at 2:00. It was 100% humidity and over 90° each day. Talk about pain, sunburn, dehydration, and exhaustion. I made it though. Being home is good. Work in the morning. I saw an Amish referee. He had a large beard.