jon foreman song challenge – “tomorrow’s song”

So. I arrived home from church and saw a tweet:

Ok, so over the next 24 hours let’s all write a song called “tomorrows song” who’s with me?
He follow the followed up with the rules:

The only rules are this: write a song in the next 24 hours called Tomorrow’s Song” the music is the prize

So. That got me excited because I haven’t written anything yet since the end of February Album Writing Month.
I spent a couple of hours writing then napping and then recording and this is what I came up with. Side note: just reformatted my netbook and installed Reaper, so this is my first time using it to mix. I like it so far.
Let me know what you think of the song and the recording ^_^

Tomorrow’s Song by natrin

Tomorrow’s Song” via Jon Foreman song challenge 3/27/11

Well I may be sad and I may be sober
And I maybe slept through all of October
And baby
I’m dizzy, from all this
Spinnin’ and laughin’ and singin’ and prayin’
It’s gonna come to a close;
I’m just sayin’

For Tomorrow’s song will sing itself
We’ll give it our best and not worry about the rest
And if days had hearts
The hours would be their pulse, beating slowly
Hear the tick tick tock as the midnight hour approaches, ever quickly
Tomorrow gets scared to change as today breathes her last minute minute

Well I’m not well but that’s not the problem
And baby
I’m crazy, about you
But don’t let that scare you today
‘Cause for now, that’s all I’ll say


(copyright © Michael S Natrin/Battleshy Youths 2011)

[FAWM-Blog] Day 06

Seeing as it is Sunday and I have already completed 4 songs (I’m ahead of schedule), I took off most of today just to relax. Led worship in the morning and enjoyed Jon Groth’s talk like always. Ephesians 3:14-20. “So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”

It’s encouraging when people like your music. This is why I enjoy FAWM so much – I get immediate feedback about the songs I write. Yay class tomorrow ^.^

Em holding a square yay
Em! (at diner club in December)