jon foreman song challenge – “tomorrow’s song”

So. I arrived home from church and saw a tweet:

Ok, so over the next 24 hours let’s all write a song called “tomorrows song” who’s with me?
He follow the followed up with the rules:

The only rules are this: write a song in the next 24 hours called Tomorrow’s Song” the music is the prize

So. That got me excited because I haven’t written anything yet since the end of February Album Writing Month.
I spent a couple of hours writing then napping and then recording and this is what I came up with. Side note: just reformatted my netbook and installed Reaper, so this is my first time using it to mix. I like it so far.
Let me know what you think of the song and the recording ^_^

Tomorrow’s Song by natrin

Tomorrow’s Song” via Jon Foreman song challenge 3/27/11

Well I may be sad and I may be sober
And I maybe slept through all of October
And baby
I’m dizzy, from all this
Spinnin’ and laughin’ and singin’ and prayin’
It’s gonna come to a close;
I’m just sayin’

For Tomorrow’s song will sing itself
We’ll give it our best and not worry about the rest
And if days had hearts
The hours would be their pulse, beating slowly
Hear the tick tick tock as the midnight hour approaches, ever quickly
Tomorrow gets scared to change as today breathes her last minute minute

Well I’m not well but that’s not the problem
And baby
I’m crazy, about you
But don’t let that scare you today
‘Cause for now, that’s all I’ll say


(copyright © Michael S Natrin/Battleshy Youths 2011)

[FAWM-Blog] Day 28


February Album Writing Month is officially over. I wrote and recorded three songs today. I think that they are halfway somewhat decent too. Exciting.

quick and dirty recordings

#12 – “Many Friends
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 – 12 – Many Friends

#13 – “Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest

#14 – “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - I Don't Believe We've Met

Also, in addition to being about to buy our new album, Grow, at our store, you can now purchase it on Amazon MP3 or on iTunes ^.^

Also also, we are playing at the UD SCPAB Battle of the Bands tomorrow (Tuesday 3/1) night at 7:50pm in the multi purpose rooms. Come see us!!

productive weekend

Went to Newark food and brew fest saturday on main street. Day drinking with parents. Had some very delicious brews from all over the country.

My main project for the weekend was redoing my Newark apartment’s bathroom. It was disgusting when I moved in and my landlord still hasn’t made any reply to my multiple requests for him to fix it, so I just decided to do it. Bleah. Scraped all the paint off the walls, spackled, painted, caulked, put in new tiles, and caulked more. It looks so much better yay. Here is the floor before:

old dirty floor bleah
old dirty floor bleah

And part of the bathroom after:

Clean & white walls! What a unique idea.

Anyways, it was productive overall. Also got some songwriting done.