cheesesteaks, azns, pumpkins, and spaceships

Life is a crazy thing. I’m dealing with 40-hour work weeks, 17 credit hours of lectures and labs, financial and housing troubles, car troubles, and multiple health issues. Oh, and the homework that I haven’t gotten a chance to do yet this semester. Wow. I’m grateful to have awesome parents and amazing friends. All I can say is – treasure the little things in life, and know that everyone is fighting his or her own battles. Be nice to people.

October is my favorite month. This stems from the fact that in high school, it was the craziest month full of all-nighters making floats and finishing school projects, playing soccer games, and performing at football games with the marching band. This past weekend was very relaxing. After InterVarsity on Friday night, we drove up to Philly to get cheesesteaks. Pat’s is delicious (: Saturday night, I got to teach Korean and Colombian ELI students how to make s’mores as my RA event at my apartment complex. Building fires is fun. Sunday I led worship with my friend Katie K and she fired up a fancy spaceship-looking theater organ that is stored at the church (nobody ever plays it, so it must be pretty lonely. If so, the lights probably compensate that, like it is showing off). Sunday afternoon I took my girlfriend to Milburn Orchards and we got tons of apples and cider and pumpkins yum. I love the fall. Back to work now yay

Nicole choosing herself a pumpkin
I love being in pictures with the ELI students (:
This is one of my best friends, Kevin. We got cheesesteaks.
Katie playing the fanciest theater organ we’ve ever seen