a different venue

The first time I went to a Palko basement show, it was Thanksgiving break 2008. I was very impressed by how natural and low key it all was. Everybody was friends with everyone else. I wanted to experience that companionship. Two years later, I got to open up the last show Shane will host for almost 6 months. While I sang and played I looked out and saw my friends. This made me happy. The circle is complete. It was very natural- the music and meeting new people and laughing and smiling and eating. It was a good night (:


There are some places in the world that I never thought I’d be. A Howard Johnson hotel in Lawrenceville, NJ is one of them. The Delaware Youth Soccer Association is paying for everything this weekend. It’s great. Can’t talk much. Leaving to referee more games today. Yes, it’s 6:18 AM.

how do you win a tea party?

My friend likes to amuse me with random text message throughout the day (every day, which is good). They keep me distracted enough to keep a smile on my face wherever I am. Today she said that she won at a tea party. I was very confused because I didn’t know that she was at a historical reenactment of the Boston tea party (in Chestertown, MD). America beat the British!

Anyway, today I put aside the pain from my surgery and decided to drive down to Greenwood, DE to see some friends and hang out at Greenwoodstock (a local, free music festival).

The extremely generous hosts walked on stage with a baby in a forward facing carrying pouch wearing huge hearing protection headphones to introduce the next band. It was exciting. I hope my babies are that cool. Here’s a picture just to prove I’m not lying:

baby on stage
baby on the stage at greenwoodstock.

I like the new wordpress interface a lot. I haven’t used it since back in the day when everything was very basic. You can do so much more now.

Anyway, the concert was great. I got to see between blue (@betweenblueband) for the first time in years and they had really improved. I also got to see good friends The Paper Janes (Jess – @junegirl0603 and shane) who are always very impressive. Jess rapped a song which was very catchy and well done.

I got to see my friend Anne’s very nice house in Seaford and then got to visit my Uncle Bob’s farm for a couple hours. The farmer in the field next to him accidentally sprayed herbicides on my uncle’s property, so everything is dying. He still has chickens and a pool though, so it was good to catch up with him.

Driving across the state reminded me of the summer before last when I lived and worked in Sussex county. That was a very different time. It was bittersweet. Lots of fun but minimum wage. I miss driving my Jeep Comanche the most.

I forgot how stress-relieving blog-writing can be. Twitter updates are so short and self-centered. This is a good way to reflect. I’m pretty sure the reason I stopped years ago was because it was weird to have people reading details of my life and they would always mock me for them. I guess I just won’t share that kind of detail. Back to Newark in the morning!