[FAWM-Blog] Day 19

So excited that our album is online. Even more excited that the physical sample copy is in town and “out for delivery” as of this morning ^.^

The Civil Wars show at World Cafe Live that my brother, father, Mitch, Laura, and I saw on Thursday was absolutely amazing. Their voices perfectly compliment each other.


The Civil Wars
She was fixing his bowtie. She acted like his mother a lot of the night I thought..
The Civil Wars
Joy Williams switched to keys for a few songs

They did more covers that I would expect, but everything was awesome.

Anyway, here is a song I wrote at 11am, recorded at 12pm, and decided to completely rerecord at 1pm. Useful day. Added some accordion, which I’m still figuring out. It’s fun to play thoughs.

Time Flies
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 07 - Time Flies

tyler beat me

Tyler beat me by one point. Holiday party at Lucky Strikes Bowling Lanes & Lounge. Got to ride in a limo bus for the first time. It was a very enjoyable night (:

Tyler beating me by one point

Also, apparently I look as if I am going to fall over when I bowl. Yay.
Michael Bowling

productive weekend

Went to Newark food and brew fest saturday on main street. Day drinking with parents. Had some very delicious brews from all over the country.

My main project for the weekend was redoing my Newark apartment’s bathroom. It was disgusting when I moved in and my landlord still hasn’t made any reply to my multiple requests for him to fix it, so I just decided to do it. Bleah. Scraped all the paint off the walls, spackled, painted, caulked, put in new tiles, and caulked more. It looks so much better yay. Here is the floor before:

old dirty floor bleah
old dirty floor bleah

And part of the bathroom after:

Clean & white walls! What a unique idea.

Anyways, it was productive overall. Also got some songwriting done.

open mic night

We host open mic nights every other Friday at my house. Last night got a little out of hand. It was still really fun though. I got to perform a duet (:

This is turning out to be a very relaxing weekend. I need times like  this to just put everything aside and appreciate the things and the people that I have.

Plus, tomorrow I get to finish painting my room now that my (not-so-good) landlord finally finished patching the massive hole that has been in my wall for the past month and a half (and even before I moved in I guess). Yay!