the years in review

One of the benefits of using a Palm brand device for the past 5 years is the fact that my calendar has an archive of everything I’ve ever done. Sometimes I like to look back at my own personal “this day in history.”

August 19th:
2009 – Certified to referee high school soccer in Dover, DE
2008 – Catering a wedding at Irish Eyes in Lewes, DE
2007 – Got back from a Holiday Parade concert in Hackensack, NJ at 2:00am, then had a high school friends going away party at my Uncle Bob’s pool in Milton, DE. Played Risk late into the night (:
2006 – Ship of Fools (my old band) rehearsal/equipment load up/set up all day, played at a friend’s birthday party at a country club in Dover, DE.
2005 – I was boring that long ago, so there was nothing documented. Probably sleeping and working at Rita’s in Smyrna, DE. Or possibly at soccer pre-season practices.
Funsies (:

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