una buena cena

I am very busy. Got some time to slow down and relax and host 30 people for a nice dinner night a couple weeks ago yay (:

Michael & Kevin
Me and Kevin at dinner!
Danny and Bekah
The elusive Danny with Bex

Karen (she made some amazing desserts), Michelle (a feminist), and Cara (a genius, and an active anti-feminist)
KJ and Ben
KJ and my brother! So excited.


open mic night

We host open mic nights every other Friday at my house. Last night got a little out of hand. It was still really fun though. I got to perform a duet (:

This is turning out to be a very relaxing weekend. I need times like  this to just put everything aside and appreciate the things and the people that I have.

Plus, tomorrow I get to finish painting my room now that my (not-so-good) landlord finally finished patching the massive hole that has been in my wall for the past month and a half (and even before I moved in I guess). Yay!