[FAWM-Blog] Day 02

Bleah. That describes how my FAWM songwriting is going thus far.

The band had a mix session last night and it was extremely productive. We got through mixing all six songs, and mastered half of them. Artwork is almost finished as well, so we are looking to have a manufactured product in hand by the end of February ^.^

I can’t wait to get off work and be busy again tonight writing and trying to learn to play guitar. Yay!

Song #1!

Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 01 - Apocalypse

Cara, this is the happiest song I will write.

Blue microphones monopolizing my desk:

Blue microphones

Eyeball, Mikey, Spark, & Encore ^.^

Tell me what you think!

biscuits and gravy and music


Baking always makes a new home feel like a real home. To me at least.

We had an impromptu band practice last night, and it was pretty awesome. Possibly might have an excellent drummer for gigs. Excited ^.^

Lots of changes happening. Hoping and praying that this next 6 months will be better than the last. Stages of life and all that hoopla..


New apartment, new roommate, new microphones, new effects. Got my secondary acoustic guitar fixed up. Need to restring my main acoustic. Need to unpack. Need to install Winblows on a new partition.

I am so ready for FAWM. My friend Em and I have been recruiting and organizing Delaware songwriters to join us for this year’s February Album Writing Month. <nostalgic moment>Last year was when the two of us first met (via Shane) while writin’ songs and uploading them to the site. </nostalgic moment>

There are lots of plans and events and communications and press releases happening and hopefully we will have a showcase performance planned for the first weekend of March. Visit battleshyyouths.com/delaware-fawm for more info and to “like” us on facebook ^.^

As to the title of this post, I got to meet up with my old friend Jon the first week of January. We call him Juan though because he was a Spanish language whiz kid in high school. We got to watch some of the UD championship game and got to catch up on everything. And ate some delicious Irish foods. Nomnom. Fellowship and community and food and music and wishing I was Irish all make for a happy Michael.

Also, here is a picture:

Female Schwinn

Because I don’t like posting posts without pictures. This is the bike I painted and put together for a Christmas present.