[FAWM-Blog] Day 08

Yesterday was a fail. Much too busy with classes and work and meetings. Today is similar. After work we are mastering the final tracks of the cd!! It’s exciting. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done very late tonight, but recordings are doubtful. I only have a single class tomorrow though, so hopefully I will remain on track for FAWM yay ^.^

Day 2 of Utmost. Sanctification is a difficult challenge to Christians. It is a building block of faith, but is impossible to fully achieve. Humans are so very selfish. A lot most of my problems are caused by this fact.

c’est la vie/gra go deo/omnomnom

Tea Counter
Yes, I did fill an entire countertop of my new apartment with coffees and teas ^.^

[FAWM-Blog] Day 07

First day of classes for UD Spring 2011!

Starting through My Utmost for His Highest again..I forget who gave me this copy. Today is “The Discipline of Dejection.” We might pray for things, but God’s answers aren’t always what we desire. We can draw the wrong conclusions from the facts that we are given.¬†Reference today’s Questionable Content comic ^.^

I have made so many changes to my life..I am hopeful that this semester will turn out better than last.


The Paper Janes
The Paper Janes at their (awesome) show at Mojo Main 2/3/11

I’ll hopefully get something recorded tonight after class and meetings yay ^_^