“the honey badgers!”

We made it! delfolk.org updated yesterday and listed The Honey Badgers as winners of the first round of Delmarva Folk Festival’s “Folk Hero” contest. Our friends Salvage Kin also made it (they just finally picked a name, so you should “like” them asap ^_^). This means that we get to perform at the Delmarva Folk Festival Friday, October 7th. We will be competing with five other groups for the winning prize of a Saturday festival performance spot as well as cash and recording and photography time. So…come out and see us again then. Video and audio recordings from the coffeehouse are above. Everyone loved the banana bread and it all got eaten ^_^

me and Erin yay
me and Erin yay

Oh, how did we come up with the name? First, who is “us?” I asked my friend Erin to play violin for some Battleshy Youths songs to make them folksier to hopefully try to win the coffeehouse (success) and then I remembered she could sing so…that’s us. Me and Erin. We walked in Saturday night and I signed us up and I said “what should we call ourselves?” Of course Erin is a Youtube enthusiast and responded with “The Honey Badgers” without even hesitating…so that’s what I wrote ^_^ Someone called it bittersweet. My mother called it stupid. She doesn’t like any of my band names. “Battleshy Youths makes you sound like wimps.” But she likes the music and comes to shows (:

Anyway, “The Honey Badgers” is just the duet form of Battleshy Youths. “Michael Natrin” is just the solo form of Battleshy Youths. “Battleshy Youths” is just the full band version of Battleshy Youths. And that’s about it. I think Cara Watson and Danny Hill might be tied for BSY show attendance, which is actually impressive since Danny is a member and Cara is not a member…she is the #1 superfan.

Also, I am pretty sure that Kool-Aid has the greatest recipe ever…”add a cup of sugar, more or less to taste” teehee #sugarrush

Battleshy Youths updates: we have an exciting show planned for this Saturday night at the Wilmington Film Co-op at 2nd and Loma at 6pm. $6 gets you in to see us and The Paper Janes rock out (: We need people to show up, so you should come!


My friend Cara and I are on a road trip across/around/above/in/through New England. We started Monday morning by stopping at the world’s largest dairy store, Stew Leonard’s, in Danbury, CT. I was skeptical when our friend Elizabeth told us to meet her at a grocery store, but it was actually very impressive. There were animatronics and no aisleways (just a maze of free samples) and incredible fresh foods and it was all very delicious. We got a tour of her fancy house, then headed east.

We got to Boston Monday night and looked everywhere for a place to camp but there is no camping anywhere near town so we got a hotel room and headed to “Boston’s best open mic” at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. You cannot open a tab there. It was a ton of fun. You can listen to one of my songs above all these words (Cara was nice enough to film). The featured performer was Evie Ladin of the Stairwell Sisters. She played banjo and she and her husband danced and did incredible body percussion. I will upload some videos of her later.

Monday was my first night sleeping in a bed in almost a week, so that alone was pretty incredible. Tuesday we went to the Sam Adam’s brewery and took a fancy tour and got free samples nom:

Then we got a fancy Irish lunch and took the train downtown to see the fancy shops at the fancy Faneuil Hall Marketplace and look at the aquatic creatures at the New England Aquarium yay fun day:

sea kittenz

Cara’s roommate’s older brother let us stay at their fancy house on the Boston College campus so that was very nice and I slept with a Carebear and now it is morning and we are playing with the cats and babysitting the baby yay ^_^

Heading to Maine this afternoon!?

constantly moving

Lots of things are happening right now. We played our largest show yet this past Wednesday at the Scrounge. SCPAB gave us this awesome opportunity to open up for our friends Jenny & Tyler. It was a very fun night. The people running the sound system sort of ruined it because they shut off our monitors completely, but we pulled through and ended strong and our friends got to come out and see us and we got to meet new people and people got to listen to what we have worked hard on despite the fact that we could not hear a thing on stage ^_^ IHOP with SCPAB friends and J&T afterwards.

Exciting stuff. Booking a few more shows on and around campus for the end of April/early May. Let us know if you want us to play anywhere (if anyone other than our best-fan-ever Cara reads this). Wednesday ended a six-day performance spree for me, which is more than I should have done. It was very taxing on my singin’ voice yay.

Anyway. I have been reading and thinking a lot. School is not meant to be easy. I have a hard time getting motivated enough to study. I would much rather sit and have coffee and talk, which is what most of my study sessions turn into, since people are much more intriguing than books (some of them at least). Something I have been seriously struggling with is finding faults in others. It is not my place to judge. I find that I over-analyze things (“more than a girl” I was recently told bluntly) and see everything that everyone else messes up. I will never be happy loving someone (or living with someone in this case) if I let every single mess and quirk and smell and piece of trash and food and mail and song and dryer sheet fetish bother me.

It’s been raining a lot and literally every piece of technology that I touch has been dying lately. So depressing. My PC died in February and two laptops have died so now I’m on my third backup, an old Dell Inspiron 1200 which for some reason an ex gave to me a few years after we broke up. I have had a fresh install of XP running for a few hours now so lets hope she holds up.

Lack of technology gives me more time to study and think and talk and read and write and play music, which is a good thing I think. I hate technology. I knew when I started school that majoring in engineering would eventually lead to this conclusion. Bleah >.<

PS – I am officially Asian!