“lilac valley”

So. I have about three draft posts of stories from our awesome New England road trip. But I had to write this song first because Amanda said something that I couldn’t get out of my head (the line at the end).

Let me know what you think ^_^

Michael Natrin – “Lilac Valley”

Lilac Valley

I want to travel the world, sail around this Earth
I will break out of this boom town, these old grounds
Never call it home again
I want to sing and run and dance swim in new waters
Shout words no one has heard on virgin lands
Smell the wild flowers even though I haven’t showered in three days
We ran through lilac fields in a valley
In a country our parents still don’t know exists

And this was the best day that’s the only way to explain
And I need you in the worst way these songs are my gift to you

So we ran, ran down
Played around and made a raucous sound forbidden in our youth
So we ran, ran down
Sprinted away from occupations and presuppositions and not so amiable neighbors

It was like a surprise party and proposal and winning the
Pennsylvania lottery all wrapped into one
Needless to say we had a lot of fun
And as you ran into the waves your foot sliced open on a sharp black rock
and you screamed “I hope it scars because we didn’t buy any souvenirs!”