new songs!

So… I got the amazing opportunity to play at the World Cafe Live at the Queen Theater‘s Friday lunchtime series two weeks ago. My awesome friend Kelsey joined me on cello (she played on the album as well). We played an hour long set of new originals, album originals, old originals, and some covers. Lots of songs that I had never performed live before; most songs that she had never heard before >.< Kels is amazing though and played so well and here are videos yay:

[FAWM-Blog] Day 24

There comes a point where you have part of a song done for two weeks and you’re sick of it and you hate it but you might as well finish it since there are only four more days left in February. The end of this is what a mandolin sounds like through a wah, delay, and two distortion pedals (if you were wondering). Let me know what you think (:

Old Bay
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 10 - Old Bay

The interview Em and I were supposed to have with ABC got cancelled ): Instead they’re gonna come to the FAWM Showcase on March 6th! So you should all come yay kthxbai.


Also, Happy Birthday to CARA!!! She is our biggest number one super fan ^_^