most triumphant

First successful tie dye attempt ever:

tie dye

I’m excited.

Also, here is the new mandolin. As I said, I need to adjust the bridge, clean the frets, restring it, and polish her up. She looks real pretty though. I think I’ll call her Kelley. She just looks like a Kelley. Maybe.



I can’t wait. I Amazon pre-ordered since I couldn’t wait out at midnight since I had to be at work this morning. I’ll play when I get home, but I have a meeting at 1900 bleah I wish I could skip it but I’m leading yay

tie dye, sunsets, and mandolins

Mondays are by far my least favorite day of the week. They’re so long and normally boring. I carry over my weekend sleep-deficit and the stresses of things that I didn’t get done. I’ll normally do anything I can to relax on Mondays.

When I got back from physical therapy, my housemates decided that we were going up to the reservoir to watch the sunset and tie dye t-shirts. It was a gorgeous sunset and a perfect temperature, and tie dying made it all the more exciting.

Here are pictures to prove it happened. The first is my friend Mike sitting and trying to take pictures:


(you can barely see him, but that’s not important)

Here are the results of the tie dying escapades:

The girls did most of these. Boys only did one shirt each. Lots of fun though (:

I got my new mandolin today. It’s very exciting. I need to set up the bridge and put on new strings, but it’s gorgeous and I’m excited. It sounds great already (: Pictures soon hopefully yay sleep