My teeth are very complicated. I was born without four of my permanent teeth. I had braces for the past 28 months on just got them off a few weeks ago. Since finals just finished up, I was able to get four implants done. They knocked me out for a few hours and drilled titanium rods into my jaw. Two uppers and two lowers (#7, 10, 20, and 29 in case you like teeth), all in one surgery. Since I have a “high smile,” they also had to put extra skin in front of my uppers so that the metal didn’t show through my gums. They did this by taking skin grafts off of the roof of my mouth and inserting it in a slit under my gum formed when they pull it off the bone.

Needless to say, my mouth is full of blood, stitches, bruising, and pain. The graft is the most swollen and painful part. In a couple months, they will screw on the crowns and I will have a full smile. Then I’ll just have retainers for a few more years.

The point of the story is that my mouth is very expensive. I’m glad my parents offered to pay for all of this. I just wish I had had it done while I was in high school (: