the years in review

One of the benefits of using a Palm brand device for the past 5 years is the fact that my calendar has an archive of everything I’ve ever done. Sometimes I like to look back at my own personal “this day in history.”

August 19th:
2009 – Certified to referee high school soccer in Dover, DE
2008 – Catering a wedding at Irish Eyes in Lewes, DE
2007 – Got back from a Holiday Parade concert in Hackensack, NJ at 2:00am, then had a high school friends going away party at my Uncle Bob’s pool in Milton, DE. Played Risk late into the night (:
2006 – Ship of Fools (my old band) rehearsal/equipment load up/set up all day, played at a friend’s birthday party at a country club in Dover, DE.
2005 – I was boring that long ago, so there was nothing documented. Probably sleeping and working at Rita’s in Smyrna, DE. Or possibly at soccer pre-season practices.
Funsies (:

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Today I visited a brand new 230kV substation that is halfway to completion. It was very shiny and full of sweaty Southern contractors. Three months ago the land there was just woods, and now it is fenced in with rocks over the grounding grid and is already partially energized. It is a very rare experience to see a substation be built from scratch. Most of the work that we do in Substation Engineering is just minor upgrades to our system (“the grid”), which consists of a few hundred old substations.

This trip was unique because two years ago I was driving the exact same Sussex County roads that we took to get to the substation on my way to and from the restaurant I used to work at. Back then, I was thinking I’d never have to get to work on those roads again. It’s interesting that things from your past always come back into your life. For me at least. Friends I made in middle school and high school are still some of the most important things in my life. People I met the first weekend of college and never thought I’d never see or talk to again are a few of my best friends here.

Life is always an adventure.