tie dye, sunsets, and mandolins

Mondays are by far my least favorite day of the week. They’re so long and normally boring. I carry over my weekend sleep-deficit and the stresses of things that I didn’t get done. I’ll normally do anything I can to relax on Mondays.

When I got back from physical therapy, my housemates decided that we were going up to the reservoir to watch the sunset and tie dye t-shirts. It was a gorgeous sunset and a perfect temperature, and tie dying made it all the more exciting.

Here are pictures to prove it happened. The first is my friend Mike sitting and trying to take pictures:


(you can barely see him, but that’s not important)

Here are the results of the tie dying escapades:

The girls did most of these. Boys only did one shirt each. Lots of fun though (:

I got my new mandolin today. It’s very exciting. I need to set up the bridge and put on new strings, but it’s gorgeous and I’m excited. It sounds great already (: Pictures soon hopefully yay sleep


Today I visited a brand new 230kV substation that is halfway to completion. It was very shiny and full of sweaty Southern contractors. Three months ago the land there was just woods, and now it is fenced in with rocks over the grounding grid and is already partially energized. It is a very rare experience to see a substation be built from scratch. Most of the work that we do in Substation Engineering is just minor upgrades to our system (“the grid”), which consists of a few hundred old substations.

This trip was unique because two years ago I was driving the exact same Sussex County roads that we took to get to the substation on my way to and from the restaurant I used to work at. Back then, I was thinking I’d never have to get to work on those roads again. It’s interesting that things from your past always come back into your life. For me at least. Friends I made in middle school and high school are still some of the most important things in my life. People I met the first weekend of college and never thought I’d never see or talk to again are a few of my best friends here.

Life is always an adventure.