If I had known when I was a kid that when I grew up I could cook whatever I want, whenever I want it, I think that I might have been a little bit more excited to grow up. Does that make sense? Triple-decker grilled cheese with ketchup. Cold ketchup. And bacon. A half pound of bacon. And a neverending glass of apple cider. Nomnom.

feeling grown up

I started refereeing soccer in 2004. It doesn’t really feel like that long ago, which is sort of scary. Following my most recent regional level match, our assessor told the other referees that they should look at me as the “senior referee” and do the things that I do. That is extremely strange to me. Another example of this is when a 30 year old girl tells you that you have a pretty cool (48 year old) dad. That is sort of strange and cool at the same time..weird.


I was doing dishes last night.

Growing up, I never saw why my parents made doing the dishes such a big deal. I always thought they were fun to help clean up. All I was doing back then was helping for a few minutes and then running along to do whatever my little self wanted though. I didn’t have to wash three meals worth of dishes for five people every night.

Currently, I wash dishes that I use for meals immediately after I am finished. A few times a week, though, I have to wash everyone else’s dishes that have built up and filled the sink [there are always a lot of people visiting and eating and sleeping at our apartment]. I don’t mind dishes, I just mind that it’s rare for someone else to do them. Anyway, we drink lots of coffee [!], so we have lots of mugs. I am fortunate that mugs, by definition, have handles on them. Handles help me to hold tightly to something while I’m washing so that I can quickly and safely completely clean everything. I have to be more careful when washing glasses because they don’t have handles, and they are very slippery, and I’m clumsy. I like mugs.

Life, for me, is like those mugs. I need something to hold on to. Something, anything, that some time in my day keeps me grounded to something familiar or to someone I know. Something to keep me from “dropping something” [going crazy]. Something that keeps feeling safe and relaxed. I like mugs. And handles. And coffee. And steak.

PS – I forgot to mention that on Tuesday, we [as interns] had a safety-training/power-class day long meeting thing. At the safety demo, they put a plastic squirrel across a 12kV power line. It blew up. The linesman’s advice was, “don’t be like the squirrel.”

PSS – The Delmarva Power Local 1238 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers [IBEW] Union just went on strike. Since I am an engineer, I am not a union employee. I don’t really have an opinion on who is right or wrong, I just hope that negotiations work out quickly and everyone is treated fairly.