shop vac

Friday night. Grilling dinner and shop vacuuming dog hair out of my wife’s car. Going to a light show at a fancy garden but making sure that we get home early enough to go to sleep in order to wake up to make it to a 7:30 5k fundraiser check-in. Also tomorrow I have to remember to change the house air filter. It all makes me feel like the most suburban husband I can possibly be.

This song is not my life but it is good:

cold walks outside hot drinks inside

It was 70┬░ a week ago. This morning there was frost on my car. Weirdness. Last night was the last ever diner club. Sad day ­čÖü I only attended a few times, but there were awesome people and conversations and drawings and games and music yay ^_^


Krista! (she has lots of hairs)
Harmonica Hank (that's what I will call him since I don't know his real name)
Shane! (with Zach's fancy guitar)

and a video!



This year that I did not purchase any Christmas presents online. I made an effort to shop at local stores and only spent about $100 at Wal-Mart for gifts. I’m a fan of capitalism, so I am not one of those people who boycotts Wal-Mart. They have cheap prices and mainly very low quality stuff, but they also have some good deals and a few good-quality items. I hate shopping in general, but going to local businesses is easy..even though their prices are higher than online, they do have good service and the nice ones give you good deals and sometimes free stuffs yay. Plus, I get to check in at them with Foursquare.


Working on Battleshy Youths’ ep for much longer than I expected, but it’s been a great experience. Hopefully we’ll master it next week and have something ready for printing soon (: I’ve been playing some more shows/open mic sets so hopefully we’ll start booking some more once the cd is out (:

My favorite music that I started listening to in 2010:

  • GungorBeautiful Things. I actually won this album via a twitter contest run by “anidolheart.” Definitely check this out, even if you don’t normally listen to “Christian” music. Banjos and husband-wife harmonies = happiness. Especially: “Dry Bones”
  • Diego PauloCafe Con Leche. I’ve seen them play a half dozen times around Newark at bars, stadiums, and festivals. Always amazed by Katie Dill’s voice and by the musicianship of all the members. Especially: “Katie Anna Perry”
  • Mumford & SonsSigh No More. Folk rock British amazingness. Especially: “Timshel”

My favorite music that was released in 2010:

  • JJ HellerWhen I’m With You. Pure voice and a pure heart. You can hear her honesty and life experiences in the tone of her voice. Especially: “Love Can Make You New”
  • AnberlinDark Is the Way, Light Is a Place. I saw them play songs from this album a few days before it came out while I was at Rev Gen. They only keep getting better. Especially: “Take Me (As You Found Me)”
  • Broken BellsBroken Bells. James Mercer + Danger Mouse = nothing but uniqueness. Listen to this if you want to hear something that you have never heard before. Especially: “The Ghost Inside”

My favorite shows of the year:

  • David Ford – World Cafe Live, March 3rd. I’ve been a fan of him for years so I was happy when I saw he was playing in Philly. Loop machine magician with a dreamy┬áBritish accent.
  • Dustin Kensrue – Rev Gen, Flemington, NJ, September 5th. Front row for an acoustic performance that blew me away. I had never heard his solo material before (he is the guitarist for Thrice) but I was amazed. Check out his Christmas album, This Good Night is Still Everywhere.
  • The Paper Janes – Newark. My friends Shane and Jess. They are cool. I’ve seen them a dozen times around Delaware on stages and in woods and in basements and in living rooms. They’ve got a good thing going. I can’t wait to hear their album (I think they’re workin’ on one?).


Dexter. Dexter. Dexter. Watched all 5 seasons since the summer. The show is incredible.

I don’t really keep up with other shows, but I watch The Office, House, and Bones when I have free time. Lost is over ): It was a bittersweet ending. Hundreds of unanswered questions, but I like that they left it up for the viewer’s interpretation of what it means.


It’s crazy. Got a job offer though, so now I just need to finish classes. Making electricity = making a living. I can’t wait to get out of school. I also just got back my Fundamentals of Engineering exam results – I am officially an EIT – Engineer in Training. Yay! This starts my track to professional legal certification as an engineer.