today was

Today was successful. I slept 3 hours. I got a piano lesson from a nice friend. I finished all of my homework. I went to classes. I got coffee with another nice friend. I edited/uploaded some videos from the Queen open mic. I went to work. I left work early for a study session. I left the study session early for an awesome planning meeting with new friend Joe who will be filming our music video for Two Hands next weekend ^_^ I brought some of my guitars and recording equipment to the student center. I went to an honors program senior year reunion and got free ice cream and mountain dew and saw lots of friends including Katie Baker. I got to spend three hours recording an Asian worship band for Eric’s drum audition tape. So much fun. Today was a good Wednesday.

wishes-he-was-Asian Joe and my next-year-housemate-half-Asian Mike and some other full Asians ^_^
stereo mixdown bleah
so good so attractive

interregnum and ice cream

There is this word-of-the-day-type thing that gets sent to my cell phone each day. Most of the time the words are very large and don’t mean anything particularly useful or usable to me, so I erase them immediately. The one I received yesterday made me stop and think though:

interregnum: n. the interval between two reigns

As far as life goes, I am currently feeling extremely burnt out. That is why this word seemed to mean something more to me. I know that I am between “things,” but I do not know what exactly those things are yet. I wish school would be over and that I did not have to stay an extra (bonus) semester and that things were just…different. But this is how they are. I made the choices that led me here. I need to trust that I will be led into the next “reign” in my life and not worry about it. I just need to make it through each day.

I have been working through World Vision Act:s’ Lent study and they focus a lot on how blessed we are, with the whole living -in-America thing. A lot of the world lives in poverty. There are a lot of slaves. Human slaves. In 2011. This fact should break the hearts of people in our country, but it gets ignored.

A lot of the world doesn’t wake up and drink a 2-litre of mountain dew and eat a box of Tastykake mini donuts for breakfast (actually, I might be the only one in the world who does that).


Anyway, I think I am just saying that I have a lot. Even when I think I don’t. And even when I’m struggling to get through each month because I’m stranded in an apartment that I didn’t ever plan to be in (that I was blessed to even get).

It comes down to these choices that I make. “You are the only one who is looking out for you” – I have been told that this is reality, but it is incredibly depressing to think about life that way. Moving onward towards whatever this next phase of my life might be, I know that I have forgiveness for my previous strife – Matthew 6:14-15. I am a work in progress.

Pictures! These are from winter session and I never posted them anywhere yay:

winter session #1
KJ, Karen, and Cara yay
winter session #2
Bekcy and Jessie!


Also, I turn 22 this week. That will be weird.

Also also, I have watched four-and-a-half seasons of Dr. Who since January. It is amazing. Excited for the new season soon yay ^.^

[FAWM-Blog] Day 28


February Album Writing Month is officially over. I wrote and recorded three songs today. I think that they are halfway somewhat decent too. Exciting.

quick and dirty recordings

#12 – “Many Friends
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 – 12 – Many Friends

#13 – “Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest

#14 – “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - I Don't Believe We've Met

Also, in addition to being about to buy our new album, Grow, at our store, you can now purchase it on Amazon MP3 or on iTunes ^.^

Also also, we are playing at the UD SCPAB Battle of the Bands tomorrow (Tuesday 3/1) night at 7:50pm in the multi purpose rooms. Come see us!!

[FAWM-Blog] Day 19

So excited that our album is online. Even more excited that the physical sample copy is in town and “out for delivery” as of this morning ^.^

The Civil Wars show at World Cafe Live that my brother, father, Mitch, Laura, and I saw on Thursday was absolutely amazing. Their voices perfectly compliment each other.


The Civil Wars
She was fixing his bowtie. She acted like his mother a lot of the night I thought..
The Civil Wars
Joy Williams switched to keys for a few songs

They did more covers that I would expect, but everything was awesome.

Anyway, here is a song I wrote at 11am, recorded at 12pm, and decided to completely rerecord at 1pm. Useful day. Added some accordion, which I’m still figuring out. It’s fun to play thoughs.

Time Flies
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 07 - Time Flies