[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 27

I’m a slacker…


We celebrated Em’s (site, FAWM) birthday last night with a jam-session food-and-tea party. It was lots of fun, even though I only came for the last hour (finishing up song #8) I also got to meet Matt. He is very cool and beardy and talented. Stefan was doing yoga and being cool, Shane was smiling, and Erin was playing with the guestdog. Lots of fun.

This puts me in an awkwardly possible situation – finish 6 songs by tomorrow at midnight. It can be done. Back to work now – field training for substation entry ^_^

FAWM 2012 Song #8 “Searching To Be Found
A depressed love ballad sung from the perspective of Doctor Who.

FAWM 2012 Song #7 “Ma Belle Seule” (what I thought was French for “My Beautiful One” but really means something like “all the single ladies” but the piece sounds French so I kept it that way)
This is the first piano piece I’ve ever written. You can look at/read/burn the sheetmusic here.

FAWM 2012 Song #6 “Lessons of Heart

block party fun

Got everything set up to play tonight and then a monumental downpour hit Wilmington for the second time in the day >.< Tore everything down, shut off the moon bounce, and scampered to bring the meat in off the grill…ate inside and met people from this block party by candlelight since the power went out…rain subsided and they got the generator started to inflate the moon bounce and run the PA system ^_^

Really fun acoustic set. I’m not sure if that was The Honey Badgers, or a Battleshy Youths duet, or Michael Natrin featuring Mitchell Ebbott, but either way it was enjoyable yay (:





My friend Cara and I are on a road trip across/around/above/in/through New England. We started Monday morning by stopping at the world’s largest dairy store, Stew Leonard’s, in Danbury, CT. I was skeptical when our friend Elizabeth told us to meet her at a grocery store, but it was actually very impressive. There were animatronics and no aisleways (just a maze of free samples) and incredible fresh foods and it was all very delicious. We got a tour of her fancy house, then headed east.

We got to Boston Monday night and looked everywhere for a place to camp but there is no camping anywhere near town so we got a hotel room and headed to “Boston’s best open mic” at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. You cannot open a tab there. It was a ton of fun. You can listen to one of my songs above all these words (Cara was nice enough to film). The featured performer was Evie Ladin of the Stairwell Sisters. She played banjo and she and her husband danced and did incredible body percussion. I will upload some videos of her later.

Monday was my first night sleeping in a bed in almost a week, so that alone was pretty incredible. Tuesday we went to the Sam Adam’s brewery and took a fancy tour and got free samples nom:

Then we got a fancy Irish lunch and took the train downtown to see the fancy shops at the fancy Faneuil Hall Marketplace and look at the aquatic creatures at the New England Aquarium yay fun day:

sea kittenz

Cara’s roommate’s older brother let us stay at their fancy house on the Boston College campus so that was very nice and I slept with a Carebear and now it is morning and we are playing with the cats and babysitting the baby yay ^_^

Heading to Maine this afternoon!?