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(Hello & good morning)

I will be participating in February Album Writing Month again this year. The goal is 14.5 songs in the 29 days of February (it’s a leap year). It’ll be my 8th time. I am looking forward to it.

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year full of many new things.

On Tuesday night (2016-01-12) we played a show at the Newark Bike Project with The Promise is Hope and Shane Palko. TPIH is from Massachusetts and they’re a really wonderful duo. Shane was celebrating a birthday and the end of his east coast tour and will be departing for his Asia & Australia tour soon. It was a fun night filled with bagels and a mini snowstorm and many friends and family. I am glad to be a part of this community.

how I fawm

February Album Writing Month 2013 is complete. I was severely lacking in my writing this year because being an adult is the worst thing ever. My final paper for my first graduate class was due Sunday night, so I was spending most of my time on that.

Today is Friday. On Tuesday morning, I had only posted four out of fourteen songs. Somehow I ended up with sixteen.

Tuesday night I recorded Erin’s song, “Lullaby for Little Bird” at her apartment. All I did was play guitar, so I don’t count that much as writing a song, but it was a fun collaboration and it’s an incredible song:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Wednesday night after work I completed a song skirmish (where a bunch of people all write and record a song with the same title in under an hour) called “Underneath” (#5)

Thursday morning I woke up and wrote “Kind of Girl” (#6) at 6:30am on banjo. You can tell that my roommates were probably beginning to love me more than previously.

After work it was game time. Eight more songs to write and record before 7am? Yes please.

Keep Everything” was mostly written, it just needed a melody. “Vision of the Future” is some geeky humor about Google Glass. That’s #7 and #8.

Then Erin came over so that we could record “As One” – a tune I originally wrote on mandolin on Tuesday afternoon I think. We had to change the key for our voices, so the mandolin part got too complicated on account of my huge fingers on a tiny mandolin fretboard. #9.

Erin singing for "As One" chorus harmonies yay
Erin singing for “As One” chorus harmonies yay

Then I uploaded a minute long “Tweetable Song” that was only 140 characters long. That’s #10.

Nathan Surles had written some lyrics creating a story out of my “Doug the Stink Bug” character and his Avocado song. In “Doug and the Damsel Fly,” the stink bug sings with The Honey Badgers and falls in love with a damsel fly. That’s stink bug song #2 and collaboration #3. Since I only wrote the melody and music for this, I didn’t count it for my 14 songs.

This is where things started to get weird. “Scrapple is the Best Breakfast Meat Ever” was song #11 and I have no idea where it came from. Probably the pot of coffee that I had already consumed so far.

I was really pleased with how “At Both Ends” turned out. It was a combination of some different pieces of advice that I’ve been given over the past few years. Harmonica playing at 2am = #12.

Kill All the Stink Bugs” was the last song that I recorded for the night. #13 was stink bug song #3. Stink bugs really annoy me if you can’t tell.

My last song is called “Two Tons” and is sort of about people not paying attention while they’re driving and is written in the style of The Mountain Goats, so I really did not want to be yelling and waking people up at 3am. So I created song #14 (really #16 on the site) and called it a night. Hopefully I can track that demo this weekend ^_^ Finished FAWM!!

Here are some of the songs that I uploaded to my Soundcloud account:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

I sort of wish that I had taken some vacation in order to relax and have the free time available to write without rushing and more importantly to collaborate. I had been planning to write more with Erin. I was also hoping to have collaborated with Em McKeever and Matthew Halley (they are both incredible), but time did not allow for it. Hopefully next year. Or before then ^_^

2013 was my fifth FAWM and was, like always, completely different than every other year. I’m really looking forward to our annual FAWM showcase event (hosted by the amazing Emkeev). This year it will be on Saturday 3/16 at 7pm at the Film Brothers Co-op on North Market Street in Wilmington. Excited.

I’ve got G.A.S.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, not flatulence. Well, sometimes. But anyway.

Note: This post somehow developed itself into a story of my recording & performing history. I guess it helps sometimes to look back. Skip to the bottom to see my conclusion ^_^

Since I started playing music in my high school band, Ship of Fools, I’ve been really interested in recording and live sound technology. Microphones, speakers, amps, mixers, cables, pre-amps, snakes, duck lamps, etc. There isn’t much in the world that makes me happier than opening and using new sound equipment. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college though that I realized that we had spent our time thinking about what to invest in and what to wait for rather than actually making and recording music. We wasted time with technology rather than being productive and harnessing our creativity and honing our musical knowledge. Sure, we did get a half dozen songs recorded, and we thought that they sounded okay (they were impressively awful), but we could have done so much more if we hadn’t worried about recording things that we hadn’t yet completely written. Those sure were fun times though.

Ship of Fools!
Loft rehearsal craziness ^_^

The summer after my freshman year, I lived in a chicken coop/guest house at my uncle’s farm. I was working as a catering student manager/server at Irish Eyes in Lewes, DE and invested in a Pro Tools LE system, a small pair of monitors, and a couple of cheap microphones and stands. That summer, I recorded lots of demos with roosters accompanying me. I spent time learning to record with cover songs and got some good practice working a real digital audio workstation. It was good.

I moved into my sophomore year housing and Andrew brought his drumset in. I had somehow gotten a double room all to myself so there was lots of space. We had a few small band practices but did not want to bother neighbors, so the drums mostly just sat there lookin’ pretty.

Danny and I started to form Battleshy Youths that winter (January-March 2009), but we mostly just fiddled around working on some covers. He does not like when I post those demos, because he used to sing back then. I like his singing though. Anyway. I did FAWM that year for the first time, so got some good use out of my equipment again.

That summer I moved to The Castle and had to cram everything into my tiny closet-room. There was room for a desk, bookshelf, dresser, and lofted bed (Mitch had hand-built the loft, before I replaced him as “Mitchell 2.0”). Sometimes there was space to get in and out of the room, but for the most part I just kept my things there and slept there; I couldn’t record very easily there. That gave me a lot of time to write. I completed FAWM in 2010 in that closet and at remote locations. I was working a lot with InterVarsity doing sound, so I became adept and setting up and tearing down audio setups anywhere quickly. I think I met Em during that March as well, while I was helping Katie K hook up a borrowed keyboard at a fundraiser show in America for hospitals in Haiti. Shane told me that I should meet Em after he introduced her to FAWM, but I was nervous, so Captin Ryan introduced us, even though he didn’t know her.

Danny and I played at SCPAB‘s open mic that spring and it went well. Sometime that winter I begged Shane to let me play one of his Palko basement shows. It was my first true public performance in years, and my first real solo performance other than coffee shops and open mics. It was not my best performance, and I think a lot of my nervousness showed through. It helped to see that community of local musicians though, and I am forever grateful to him for making me feel included.

In June of 2010 I moved to the top of the tower at The Castle. We had been hosting open mics there in the basement bi-weekly since March. It was a filthy setup, but it worked. We were getting a good turnout of musicians and were developing a good crowd. That is where I met Stefan and Paul and Anne and Corey and Zach and so many others and also where I became comfortable hosting and performing things. I recorded a lot of audio and video during that time.

Throughout that summer, I finished up the songs that made up Grow. Danny and I rehearsed them a few times, and he helped me to smooth out some of the bumpy portions of those six songs.


I contracted Justin to work on the artwork, and hired Mitch and Andrew of Blind Sea Studios to record it for us. Kelsey (cello) and Sharon (fiddle) and Rob H (drums) all contributed to some of those sessions. I picked up my trumpet for the first time in years as well. By the end of the process (August – December) of tracking and mixing and mastering, I had asked Mitch and Andrew to join us for live shows. We released the CD in February, right before Em and I hosted our first FAWM showcase at the Newark Arts Alliance.

Katie K had gone off to Mexico for the semester and therefore stopped playing bass for me at my church. She recommended that Eric fill in for her. He had drummed with me before at IV, so he took her spot playing bass at church (Eric is not and was not a girl though). Andrew asked me to get him to come play drums with Battleshy Youths when we led worship at a youth retreat in PA.

And that’s how Eric became a Youth.

He first performed with us at our first real full-band show in March 2011 at Trabant for SCPAB’s battle of the bands. We did not place, but we did sell a bunch of CDs and our friends got to see us. It led to SCPAB letting us open up for friends Jenny & Tyler in April. Now THAT was a fun night. So many mistakes and such a horrible sound system, but lots of fun and so many friends.

So, we had a band. And we had some songs. Next up? Play more gigs. I played 52 shows in 2011. Some were solo, some duo, some trio, some with full band featuring Mitchell Ebbott. Some were volunteer/charity shows, some were paid in beer, some were paid in real cash money. Some were for a hundred people, some were for five. It was tons of fun. Playing live that often dragged me away from recording and writing as often though. It took us a long time to add new songs to our sets. We learned how to perform and how to deal with booking agents and promotions people and different venues and sound guys (I finally had my first ever sound girl two weeks ago in Philly yay!). Danny was busy being busy, so a lot of the time it was just the four of us – me, Andrew, and Mitch practicing in Eric’s apartment above his dad’s veterinary offices. Then Eric went away and Erin started playing more with us and Andrew #2 (Deinert) began drumming for us. Lots of changes. I got to play my first Pennsylvania show in August in Bethlehem, PA, thanks to my friend Lauren booking independent artists at Musikfest. Cara came to see my set get rained out.

I played World Cafe Live at the Queen multiple times throughout the year, and got to be on the radio with WCHE West Chester and WVUD Newark and WSTW HD-2 Graffiti Radio and on WSTW Hometown Heroes. The first time I heard our stuff on the air I freaked out.

Erin and I started performing as The Honey Badgers and got to play the Delmarva Folk Festival and an amazing Cooldog Concert Series house show with Mary Fahl of October Project.

In October 2011, Blind Sea Studios set up their gear in Super Magic Studios in Landenberg, PA, and we recorded “A Diner Club Christmas” with lots of friends in a ridiculous 16-hour session. This CD eventually won a WSTW Homey Award for Best Collaboration of 2011. We were all very proud of it. We played lots of Christmas gigs. I played even more Christmas shows solo and with Erin as The Honey Badgers. In November, I won Delaware’s Got Talent at UD. Very prestigious. By the time Christmas rolled around, I was all Christmas’d out.

Em and I started working on FAWM 2012 stuff in January (my fourth FAWM). We were hoping to get lots of local musicians into writing new songs for February. SUCCESS. Three showcases, each with more than 10 performers. So many collabs, so much new music, so much awesomeness. February flew by. I also flew, by plane. Being away a week for work really hurt my workflow, but I finished with a few songs with which  I am happy. Also, I got to meet Matt. He is super-talented and really cool and sings about birds and other miscellaneous awesome things and makes delicious soups. Erin and I also got to hang out with Alyssa and I have determined that she is super-talented and also awesome.

Last week we won SCPAB’s Battle of the Bands. So much has happened in the past year. I am constantly learning and trying to improve myself. I see so many of my faults that I want to fix. It is hard to focus on getting things done in the limited time that we all have in a single day. Focus. Focus. Focus. So much is possible when you stop wasting time.

The Honey Badgers at SCPAB's Battle of the Bands 2012 (Photo thanks to Justine!)

Anyway. Back to the main point for this post. Waiting to acquire more gear can get really time consuming, and can distract from the actual writing and creation and recording of music. I should probably change the title of this post to “How Eric Became a Youth,” but I’ll leave the original title. I got out of control writing down my own history.

Now I am here, spring of 2012 upon me, with a new job and no more school and 16+ new songs under my belt. The past couple weeks I have been looking at new recording interfaces and new computers and new video cameras and such, and this morning I determined that I do not need any of it. I already have a working system. I’ve been acquiring new microphones and instruments when I need them. I will make do with what I have, just as my parents and their parents before them did.

Save up money, create real things.



FREE RITA’S TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Best day of the year, sorry that I am so excited ^_^)


UPDATE: ALSO. I read Jessica Latshaw’s blog every day she is at the top of my Google Reader lists and she is amazingly talented and compassionate ^.^


Apparently my degree qualifies me to be a contractor escort and watch someone else work all day. Fun stuff. Being outside is nice though, 60° and sunny, standing in some 500kV corona/EMF, watching the occasional herd of deer run by. I’m pretty blessed.

Yesterday we had a wonderful FAWM showcase at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington. We somehow squeezed 14 songwriters into 3 hours. It was epic. So much good music. Unfortunately, the video tape of the entire event didn’t turn out, but some select videos from other cameras will be online soon. You can watch 39 videos from last week’s free open mic FAWM showcase at the Castle Open Mic YouTube channel ^.^

Here is the group shot from yesterday’s showcase, thanks to Jimmy:

all sorts of awesome.