hello, march

Life is sort of crazy right now, like always. The FAWM showcase last Sunday went amazingly…still working on editing sound and video bleah (two exams this past week). Studying and watching Doctor Who all this weekend. Daylight savings time tomorrow! One of my favorite days of the year, because it marks the start of spring and is a few days before my birthday. Got some Rita’s custard this afternoon with my brother from our home shop, since they opened up today ^.^ Not much else to say. It’s been five years since my great-grandmother passed away. That’s depressing. I wish she was still here to see how much has changed. I miss her all the time.

bob and mommom
vintage mid-80s, uncle bob with beer and mommom shucking oysters or peeling potatoes. and rubber duckies. that woman was always cooking.
mommom and keegan
making pasta with baby keegan (:
viscuso family
so. many. italians. at uncle sam's. yes, I had an uncle sam.
philly, early 90s <3 (that's me)

“hear no evil”

"Hear No Evil"Confession: I haven’t read an entire book in over 6 years.  I’ve had this book, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost on my Amazon wishlist (feel free to buy me stuffs) since its pre-release was announced. I heard some hype about it somewhere and follow the author, Matthew Paul Turner, on twitter. He is hip and edgy and says stuff I enjoy so I guess he must be cool. Anyway, I had to buy my girlfriend a second replacement laptop charger in a month… Since she can’t use Amazon herself, I offered to buy it and I added this book onto my order (yay consumerism!). They both arrived one business day later – Amazon prime ftw.

In general, the reason I don’t read is because I get bored and fall asleep. This is unfortunate, because my homework normally ends up with drool on it. I stayed awake throughout this entire story though. I think that is why – it was a story, and it was very interesting. A “page turner” if you will. It is also the fastest book I have ever read – probably only took me 6 hours or so, and I’m a slow reader.

Turner’s life is something I can really relate to. Being raised in a Christian household with rules that don’t make sense; going out into the real world and realizing how different (weird) you are. One of my favorite lines was, “for a lot of christians, their imaginations are liabilities, like the five senses and genitals.” It was also pretty cool that he grew up close to my hometown – he talks about Kent County, MD and crabs and Delaware and places I’ve been to. I associate my current experiences with things that Turner describes happened to him, so I guess it’s good to sort of have as a warning manual. It’s also encouraging. The book was hilarious and honest and relevant. I highly recommend you buy it. Or borrow my copy. Yay.

On a side note: communications have come a long way in 20 years. The things they used to do to send data were simple (AM & FM), and now they are incredibly more complex. Studying for my ELEG403: Communication Systems Engineering final yay.