record store day!

A day of indie celebration!

Erin and I wore our matching Honey Badger t-shirts out to Main Street today to get some music and noms. I didn’t find any vinyl that I wanted, but I was rewarded with Switchfoot’s special “Vice Re-Verses” release, which I didn’t know was going to be out today:

Switchfoot's Vice Re-Verses

Exciting stuff, really great remixes by various producers. We’ve got a show tonight at the Film Brothers Co-op on Market Street in Wilmington (Facebook event page) and tomorrow in Plains, PA (Misericordia University – Facebook event page). Come check us out (:


Erin and I went to InDEpendence Music Network‘s “Meet the Producers” event last night at Extreme Pizza in Wilmington. It was very extreme.

I was introduced to some local musicians that I hadn’t met previously. We got to meet a few producers and ask them about their studios and equipment and setups and other things that we hadn’t really considered beforehand but probably should have. It was very good. Trying to plan out The Honey Badgers‘ next move. Exciting stuff.




(Happy Spring!)

My garden is growing!

LETTUCE. Need to transplant to dirt now yay
BASIL. Just came up ^_^
TULIPS. Red ones aren't out yet ):


Me and Kevin getting free Rita's at lunch!