it’s fall.

September passed by so quickly! October might be my favorite month. Actually, November might be better. Wait. December is best, then October, and November is third. Alaska can come too.

Friday night The Honey Badgers braved the Nascar race traffic and went down to perform at 33 West Ale House and Grill in Dover. We arrived a little bit later than expected, but once we were set up things went really well. They have a large selection of delicious craft beers and lots of friends and family came to watch.

At 33 West! thanks to Mary Alice Mayan for the photo ^_^

I woke up early on Saturday to drive three hours north into Pennsylvania to golf. I picked up my friend/intern Evan on the way. Our foursome played a decent round and the weather was gorgeous. It was relaxing. Evan and I headed back to Delaware around 5:30. Six hours of driving is exhausting and not fun, but we did have Mumford & Sons’ Babel playing on repeat so that lightened the drive a bit.

Evan hitting over the water! Best ball is a good thing.

That night Erin and I loaded my car, picked up Em McKeever, and headed to Kelly’s Logan House in Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE. We weren’t 100% sure that we were performing or what time we were supposed to start or how long we were supposed to play (make sure you tell people those things if you ever book shows -.-). We figured things out and Em played an opening set from 10:30-11:15. She joined us on bass for our set (because she is awesome). We played from 11:30 until a little after 1am. Performing for people who are consuming so much alcohol is always interesting. Some guido-style fist pumping happened during Down (a folk song), and I saw other ridiculous dance moves throughout the night. Overall, things went great and I really enjoyed it. We met Sean, who hopefully might play some hand percussion with us in the future.

[bandcamp track=129246724 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Kelly’s Logan House – photo thanks to Em Mckeever! (Taken while she was bassing)

The harvest moon was shining bright and this was the fourth weekend in a row that we’ve been so busy doing music shtuff and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are performing this Friday night at the 21st Annual Delmarva Folk Festival [facebook event page]! has more information. Our set is at 10pm but music starts at 7pm and it’s only $5. I’m excited.


Have a great week!

meet & greet FAWM 2012

So. Last night we met up with lots of new FAWMers at EXTREME Pizza, hosted by the InDEpendence Musician Networking group. We had a great turnout of 25ish local FAWM participants (most of whom haven’t done this afore ^_^). Last year we met at the (now demolished) Eagle Diner right after really bad snowstorms and had five people show up. So, I saw this year’s attendance as an accomplishment (primarily thanks to InDEpendence’s mailing list). Everyone was really nice and it’s great to see people in person before we all start commenting on each other’s writing and stuff online.

When we had initially talked with Mark and Joan (who run InDEpendence), either Em or I suggested that we do a “Speed Collaboration” writing exercise, where people bring instruments and get into 2-4 person groups to write a song. They were given random ideas drawn from Em‘s magical bucket and 10 minutes to come up with a masterpiece (aka warm up for FAWM). The YouTube playlist of all the videos is here, thanks to Em. It was a ton of fun and went really well.

My song is here. I wrote it with Mark, who went to MIT. The prompt was “In a Vegetable Garden.” WARNING: No real vegetables were harmed in the making of this song. But they do die at the end of the song. You’ve been warned.

Afterwards, we kept on networking and Erin got to give out her first ever Honey Badger business card and we jammed.

Jamming at the meetup
Jam. (via Emkeev!)

FAWM starts tomorrow!

ALSO, Em booked the upstairs stage at World Cafe Live at the Queen for our March Showcase Event, 3/11 Sunday 3pm. Tickets can be had here ->

We’ll have an open-mic style showcase 3/4 Sunday at 3pm at the Newark Arts Alliance ^_^


So, first off. We released our Christmas CD, A Diner Club Christmas, two weeks ago. Better news, we’ve already sold a lot of them. All of the proceeds go to Freedom Outreach and Carasmark, two non-profits that help kids and families in need around the Wilmington, DE area. You can buy it from us in person and/or at shows or at our music page yay.

Second – we were on the radio! This was my third time on the air, but it was our first time as a whole band and it was fun because it was our collaboration group and it was WSTW Hometown Heroes, which I’ve been listening to since the program started many years ago.

Take a listen to our live (very much [non]rehearsed) rendition of O Come, O Come Emmanuel:

The Paper Janes, Em McKeever, Battleshy Youths, and Friends - O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Live

Third – we played an awesome show downstairs at World Cafe Live at the Queen – Hometown Hero’s December Kickoff show. It was a beautiful stage and wonderful crowd and an incredible time overall. We had 7 people representing three groups playing together for our set and it came together nicely. Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with strep throat the day before, so it was rough for me to sing. Our next combined show is next  Sunday 12/11/11 at Mojo Main!

Anyway, The Honey Badgers played a two hour Christmas set in Bethlehem, PA Friday night. So much fun. We broke so many driving laws to get there a little bit late :/

Final exams time. Kbai life.

All of us after the show at the Queen!