[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 27

I’m a slacker…


We celebrated Em’s (site, FAWM) birthday last night with a jam-session food-and-tea party. It was lots of fun, even though I only came for the last hour (finishing up song #8) I also got to meet Matt. He is very cool and beardy and talented. Stefan was doing yoga and being cool, Shane was smiling, and Erin was playing with the guestdog. Lots of fun.

This puts me in an awkwardly possible situation – finish 6 songs by tomorrow at midnight. It can be done. Back to work now – field training for substation entry ^_^

FAWM 2012 Song #8 “Searching To Be Found
A depressed love ballad sung from the perspective of Doctor Who.

FAWM 2012 Song #7 “Ma Belle Seule” (what I thought was French for “My Beautiful One” but really means something like “all the single ladies” but the piece sounds French so I kept it that way)
This is the first piano piece I’ve ever written. You can look at/read/burn the sheetmusic here.

FAWM 2012 Song #6 “Lessons of Heart

meet & greet FAWM 2012

So. Last night we met up with lots of new FAWMers at EXTREME Pizza, hosted by the InDEpendence Musician Networking group. We had a great turnout of 25ish local FAWM participants (most of whom haven’t done this afore ^_^). Last year we met at the (now demolished) Eagle Diner right after really bad snowstorms and had five people show up. So, I saw this year’s attendance as an accomplishment (primarily thanks to InDEpendence’s mailing list). Everyone was really nice and it’s great to see people in person before we all start commenting on each other’s writing and stuff online.

When we had initially talked with Mark and Joan (who run InDEpendence), either Em or I suggested that we do a “Speed Collaboration” writing exercise, where people bring instruments and get into 2-4 person groups to write a song. They were given random ideas drawn from Em‘s magical bucket and 10 minutes to come up with a masterpiece (aka warm up for FAWM). The YouTube playlist of all the videos is here, thanks to Em. It was a ton of fun and went really well.

My song is here. I wrote it with Mark, who went to MIT. The prompt was “In a Vegetable Garden.” WARNING: No real vegetables were harmed in the making of this song. But they do die at the end of the song. You’ve been warned.

Afterwards, we kept on networking and Erin got to give out her first ever Honey Badger business card and we jammed.

Jamming at the meetup
Jam. (via Emkeev!)

FAWM starts tomorrow!

ALSO, Em booked the upstairs stage at World Cafe Live at the Queen for our March Showcase Event, 3/11 Sunday 3pm. Tickets can be had here -> http://queentickets.worldcafelive.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=337

We’ll have an open-mic style showcase 3/4 Sunday at 3pm at the Newark Arts Alliance ^_^

cold walks outside hot drinks inside

It was 70° a week ago. This morning there was frost on my car. Weirdness. Last night was the last ever diner club. Sad day 🙁 I only attended a few times, but there were awesome people and conversations and drawings and games and music yay ^_^


Krista! (she has lots of hairs)
Harmonica Hank (that's what I will call him since I don't know his real name)
Shane! (with Zach's fancy guitar)

and a video!