biscuits and gravy and music


Baking always makes a new home feel like a real home. To me at least.

We had an impromptu band practice last night, and it was pretty awesome. Possibly might have an excellent drummer for gigs. Excited ^.^

Lots of changes happening. Hoping and praying that this next 6 months will be better than the last. Stages of life and all that hoopla..

una buena cena

I am very busy. Got some time to slow down and relax and host 30 people for a nice dinner night a couple weeks ago yay (:

Michael & Kevin
Me and Kevin at dinner!
Danny and Bekah
The elusive Danny with Bex

Karen (she made some amazing desserts), Michelle (a feminist), and Cara (a genius, and an active anti-feminist)
KJ and Ben
KJ and my brother! So excited.