on growing up

I am of the belief that there are only two types of people in the world – people whose parents gave them as much ice cream as they wanted when they were kids, and people whose parents limited their ice cream consumption. And maybe also people who don’t like ice cream, but they don’t count because that’s weird. Anyway. I am 22. If someone asked me whether or not it is fun to be a “grown up,” I would probably just say yes. That alternative is a lot easier than telling the truth. In reality though, it can get pretty miserable. Paying bills and driving cars and worrying what people think and how to do things right and how to interact with other humans and adults and environments and apartments and roommates and friends is hard. Balancing every aspect of a crazy life is not easy. I will say this though – if you are the type that had a limit on ice cream intake, an advantage of growing up is that you can eat ice cream for breakfast. As much as you want. It’s not healthy (debatable), but it is delicious. Those people that were allowed to eat as much as they wanted when they were kids have absolutely no reason to grow up. Why move out and pay bills when you can live at home and pig out on the contents of your parents’ freezer and be content with no job or savings or life? I am glad that I could only have two scoops a night, and that there wasn’t always frozen deliciousness available in the freezer. I now have something to look forward to when I come home from work and class and get time to myself to enjoy life and be grown up, eating all the ice cream that I want, because I have earned it. That’s all. Omnomnom.

Birthday pictures! Fun night ^_^

ridiculous picture of Charlie!