This month concluded my summer of music-making adventures. It flew by so incredibly fast. Life is strange and awesome and delicious all at once.

Erin and I played so many shows and I met so many people and sang so many songs that I have lost track of time and space and if it wasn’t for bacon and coffee and occasional sleep, I wouldn’t have stayed sane through all of it. Maybe.

Badgering. Photo by Erin!
Doctor Who premiere party! Bow ties are cool.

I’ll step through things since I haven’t posted many blogs lately..

Bought some fancy suits, attended UD alumni mug night and a Siemens conference, watched my brother graduate from my high school which I no longer recognize, signed the lease to rent our new house, went to a bunch of Miss Delaware-type events and watched my pretty girlfriend, played company softball, and went to weddings and music festivals.

Worked storm duty overtime, had a housewarming, played a wedding, bartended at a fundraiser, ran intern program events for work, attended Firefly music festival, went to the state fair, and took a mini vacation to Shenandoah.

Played at Musikfest, was interviewed by the FBI as a character reference for a friend, beach’d, recorded Emkeev, went to Maine for a week, and played the Beta Hi-Fi festival at World Cafe Live Wilmington in addition to many other shows.

Watched the Doctor Who Series 7 premiere!, played lots of Honey Badger shows, mastered Emkeev’s instrumental EP, got a free piano from Craigslist, played music at my cousin’s wedding, golfed, ran lots, went to the Dewey Beach Music conference, and recorded Honey Badgers and also lots of friends collaboratively.

Whoa. So many things. So much fun and learning and performing. Hopefully the momentum keeps building into the fall.

We’re playing 33 West again this Friday night (9/28) in Dover, DE, and at Kelly’s Logan House again this Saturday (9/29) in Trolley Square Wilmington, DE. Working on a Christmas tune Sunday for Hometown Heroes.

Exciting ^_^


So, first off. We released our Christmas CD, A Diner Club Christmas, two weeks ago. Better news, we’ve already sold a lot of them. All of the proceeds go to Freedom Outreach and Carasmark, two non-profits that help kids and families in need around the Wilmington, DE area. You can buy it from us in person and/or at shows or at our music page yay.

Second – we were on the radio! This was my third time on the air, but it was our first time as a whole band and it was fun because it was our collaboration group and it was WSTW Hometown Heroes, which I’ve been listening to since the program started many years ago.

Take a listen to our live (very much [non]rehearsed) rendition of O Come, O Come Emmanuel:

The Paper Janes, Em McKeever, Battleshy Youths, and Friends - O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Live

Third – we played an awesome show downstairs at World Cafe Live at the Queen – Hometown Hero’s December Kickoff show. It was a beautiful stage and wonderful crowd and an incredible time overall. We had 7 people representing three groups playing together for our set and it came together nicely. Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with strep throat the day before, so it was rough for me to sing. Our next combined show is next  Sunday 12/11/11 at Mojo Main!

Anyway, The Honey Badgers played a two hour Christmas set in Bethlehem, PA Friday night. So much fun. We broke so many driving laws to get there a little bit late :/

Final exams time. Kbai life.

All of us after the show at the Queen!

cold walks outside hot drinks inside

It was 70° a week ago. This morning there was frost on my car. Weirdness. Last night was the last ever diner club. Sad day 🙁 I only attended a few times, but there were awesome people and conversations and drawings and games and music yay ^_^


Krista! (she has lots of hairs)
Harmonica Hank (that's what I will call him since I don't know his real name)
Shane! (with Zach's fancy guitar)

and a video!

[FAWM-Blog] Day 28


February Album Writing Month is officially over. I wrote and recorded three songs today. I think that they are halfway somewhat decent too. Exciting.

quick and dirty recordings

#12 – “Many Friends
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 – 12 – Many Friends

#13 – “Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - Reflection of the Stars/Cure For the Conquest

#14 – “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met
Michael Natrin Fawm 2011 - 13 - I Don't Believe We've Met

Also, in addition to being about to buy our new album, Grow, at our store, you can now purchase it on Amazon MP3 or on iTunes ^.^

Also also, we are playing at the UD SCPAB Battle of the Bands tomorrow (Tuesday 3/1) night at 7:50pm in the multi purpose rooms. Come see us!!