recording and mixing

Working on finishing up our Diner Club Collaborative Compilation CD ^_^

We had an all-day session in September and another one in October. On Monday night we tracked the last drum and bass parts with Shane at Supermagic Studios.

On this Friday 12/7, Diner Club is hosting a free show at LOMA Coffee at 6pm [239 N Market St Wilmington, DE]. I’m really looking forward to it. The show will feature Shane Palko, Alyssa Regan, Matthew Halley, Em McKeever, and The Honey Badgers (me and Erin)! I’m excited.

We rehearsed Monday night before recording. It was fun. To finish out the show, we’ll all perform each others’ songs together ^_^

Erin poking Kwali very very gently with her bow
Erin’s bananascope
Em and Matt!
Shane and Em!

100th show!

On Saturday night, I played at Gable Music Ventures‘ “The Six” singer-songwriter showcase in Wilmington, DE. I closed out the night and enjoyed watching Lauren Kuhne, Stewart Lewis, Joy Ike, Elephants Gerald, and Sol Knopf all play before me. It was great to meet the wonderful Joy Ike. She runs one of my favorite musician blogs, Grassrootsy. Through that site, she has helped me get to where I am today. Yay. It was great to meet the other performers as well. Sol is the only other musician that I’ve played with who is from Smyrna. It was only Lauren’s second show, but she is very impressive. Yeah.

Joy Ike! (and her sister Peace on percussion)

This show marked my 100th performance (solo, as Battleshy Youths, and as The Honey Badgers) since I started playing music publicly in December 2010. It was a great night. I played a new song and a few others that I don’t often perform and then Erin joined me for a couple.

Here is the new one, based on Bukowski’s “Bluebird” –


Also, Erin had her last pageant-y event last night. She is amazing.

ERIN! (Outgoing and new Miss Wilmington and Miss Newark and Outstanding Teen)

blink of an eye

I turn 24 in 5 months. That’s only 151 days. I am overwhelmed by how fast life is moving. Grad school starts next week. October is almost over. Fall is my favorite.

We had another packed weekend. Friday after work Erin and I went pumpkin hunting at a local orchard. WAIT THAT REMINDS ME I still have cider in the fridge yay. Anyway. We’ll carve the pumpkins some time soon.


We packed up and drove down to Dover and played at 33 West. Lots of friends came out. We took a short break and my father played a couple songs. Erin sang one with him too.

Erin and my father at 33 West!

Saturday was UD’s HOMECOMING! Greg was nice enough to play techno music at 6am while cooking eggs so I got up and made a couple pounds of bacon and people kept on arriving and after one tailgating false-start, we eventually were able to set up and tailgate and grill and eat and it was fun.

Erin and I got back and changed and went to Wilmington to be a part of Noelle Picara‘s music video for her new single, “Zombie Girl.” It was my first time acting for a video. I enjoyed it even though I’m so awkward. The producer had me sprinting down streets and jumping fences and running up and down tall staircases multiple times for different takes and angles and fancy stuff. SPOILERS: At the end of the video I get eaten. Sometimes the zombies tickled me too. It was a fun night. Noelle’s show went really well too. They covered Muse and The Cranberries and she played two sets of new and older originals. I’ll upload videos sometime soon ^_^

Noelle and her backing band! (Jeremy on drums and someone awesome on bass)

Sunday we had a second full-day recording session with Diner Club! It was more relaxed than last month’s session. I think that is mainly because I felt a little bit more comfortable running things and also because the different groups were more scheduled and knew what they wanted. Em had us streaming live via her laptop all day and at one point there were 99 viewers!? That was cool. We got five more tracks mostly finished. Now I need to start mixing and figuring out what else we need to complete everything.

Steffi and Tim recording keys and scratch vocals for their song!

Last night Erin and I went back to Supermagic Studios to track some of her vocals and also to record Shane‘s song. It was nice. Shane’s mother Judy made an amazing soup with this fancy stuff called “quinoa” and it was delicious. That’s all. Back to the grind. We are seeing Ingrid Michaelson tomorrow at the Queen!

four shows in three days?!

What a weekend. Friday night we played and won the Folk Hero competition at the Delmarva Folk Festival. It was realllllllly great. Many thanks to everyone that came and voted for us! As one of the prizes for winning, we got to open up the main day of the festival Saturday at noon. That was a good set too ^_^

The Honey Badgers at the Delmarva Folk Festival Friday 10/5/12! (Photo Credit: Krista Connor)

Right after our Saturday Friends of Folk show, we got to Newark as quickly as possible and played at the Newark Arts Alliance’s Harvest Arts Festival. We met Leslie Carey (check her out!) and performed from 3-4ish. Lots of fun. Also, Em came (she was there Friday night too yay!). She is the best. Plus, we got some tips and also email addresses for our mailing list ^_^

Harvest Arts Festival! (Photo Credit: Leslie Carey)

Sunday night we played at the George Wilson Community Center with three rock bands (In Retrospect, Defeat the Deep, and Me Equals You). We stood out since they all had electric guitars and double bass pedals, but we still put on a great set and enjoyed it ^_^

At the George Wilson Community Center! (Photo Credit: Kevin Duong)

We have this week off from shows to get some time to write and record. I wore a different plaid/flannel shirt to every gig this weekend ^_^ Time to do laundry and catch up on The Walking Dead!