Last night The Honey Badgers performed at the Regan’s 10th annual Shared Hope International benefit concert. It was a fun time. Wonderful music and a great crowd. Looking back, I think we first played this show four years ago. It’s put on by our friend Alyssa‘s parents to raise funds and awareness to fight human trafficking in the US and abroad.

It’s so easy to just live our lives without even thinking about the fact that humans are being bought and sold as property all around the world. Rescuing slaves and victims of abuse seems overwhelming, but groups like Shared Hope and IJM liberate and protect humans one at a time. There is hope, and we can help by sharing their message and educating people.

Here is a GIF of Fonzie the dog dancing at the afterparty:

And here is a photo that Erin Adams took of me and Erin singing Over My Head:

2016-08-07 The Honey Badgers at Skyline_cropped

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This site was hacked a few hours ago via a different user’s account. Sorry if you received any (11) emails/tweets about new spammy posts. I restored yesterday’s backup, generated new security keys, and changed some permissions so it should be fixed now.

Edit 1, 2016-01-14: Then two more snuck through somehow. This is weird. I disabled subscriber emails, updated all plugins, and generated new security keys. Weird. I’ll keep monitoring and might just re-install WordPress.

Edit 2, 2016-01-15: 3 more posts were generated, 2 from a different user and one from my user account. Don’t want to deal with this. Pulled everything from the server and started with a fresh WordPress install. Looked at the 391MB access log and noticed a lot of changes to my xmlrpc.php file on 2016-01-11. Weird. Seems like a brute force attack. Changed all passwords and security keys. Picked a new theme too because why not.

(Hello & good morning)

I will be participating in February Album Writing Month again this year. The goal is 14.5 songs in the 29 days of February (it’s a leap year). It’ll be my 8th time. I am looking forward to it.

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year full of many new things.

On Tuesday night (2016-01-12) we played a show at the Newark Bike Project with The Promise is Hope and Shane Palko. TPIH is from Massachusetts and they’re a really wonderful duo. Shane was celebrating a birthday and the end of his east coast tour and will be departing for his Asia & Australia tour soon. It was a fun night filled with bagels and a mini snowstorm and many friends and family. I am glad to be a part of this community.


In 2012, I played 55 shows, drove 15285 miles, and ate approximately 40 pounds of bacon.

My favourite performances, mainly with The Honey Badgers (Erin ^_^) and a couple solo: Opening for Bobby Long at SCPAB’s winter session concert in January, our Delaware FAWM showcase at the Queen in March, winning the UD battle of the bands in March, weddings and festivals this summer – Out and About’s “Musikarmageddon” at Logan House in June, Musikfest in July, World Cafe Live’s Beta Hi-Fi Festival in August at the Queen, winning the Folk Hero contest at the Delmarva Folk Festival in October, my 100th show ever at “The Six” in November, Christkindlmarkt in December in Bethlehem, and various house shows throughout everywhere (house shows are the best!).

The Honey Badgers had an amazing year. Our weekly video blogs were really fun. Shane, Em, Alyssa, Matt, Sarah, Erin, and I performed at LOMA Coffee in Wilmington in December. We’re almost finished with a second Diner Club compilation CD. It’s exciting. ALSO, FAWM is coming up!! I’m sure you’ll see lots of updates here from whatever I come up with this year. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with Erin as well as other local friends. And maybe Errol. Yay.

Diner Club at LOMA Coffee!
Diner Club at LOMA Coffee! (Glad that I shaved that mess off my face)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to 2013. Maybe I’ll get a haircut. Maybe I’ll vacation away from the North America. Maybe I’ll buy a house. That’s about it.

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