So, Erin and I played at World Cafe Live at the Queen Theater’s open mic last night. When we walked on stage and Kyle S announced that we (as The Honey Badgers) are part of Battleshy Youths, this guy yelled, “Battlestar Youths! I f—ing heard you guys on the radio…they were saying you were gonna play at the Bunsen Bean!”

This was very exciting, even though 50% of his facts were wrong. We are Battleshy Youths (most of the time) and we played at the Burlap and Bean in October. People that I don’t know have told me that they have heard of us before, but never on the radio until now. It was nice. Our set was fun, and afterwards this guy (Lee) came and talked to us and said that he is trained in the art of improv and wanted to sing us a song in exchange for a CD. Of course we wanted to hear this epicness, so we went outside and this happened:

Fun times.

My NaNoWriMo progress is going very slowly. I have 2000 words done….out of 50000 >.< Hopefully I’ll catch up when I get a day off. What I have written so far is pretty epic though yay.