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February Album Writing Month 2013 is complete. I was severely lacking in my writing this year because being an adult is the worst thing ever. My final paper for my first graduate class was due Sunday night, so I was spending most of my time on that.

Today is Friday. On Tuesday morning, I had only posted four out of fourteen songs. Somehow I ended up with sixteen.

Tuesday night I recorded Erin’s song, “Lullaby for Little Bird” at her apartment. All I did was play guitar, so I don’t count that much as writing a song, but it was a fun collaboration and it’s an incredible song:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Wednesday night after work I completed a song skirmish (where a bunch of people all write and record a song with the same title in under an hour) called “Underneath” (#5)

Thursday morning I woke up and wrote “Kind of Girl” (#6) at 6:30am on banjo. You can tell that my roommates were probably beginning to love me more than previously.

After work it was game time. Eight more songs to write and record before 7am? Yes please.

Keep Everything” was mostly written, it just needed a melody. “Vision of the Future” is some geeky humor about Google Glass. That’s #7 and #8.

Then Erin came over so that we could record “As One” – a tune I originally wrote on mandolin on Tuesday afternoon I think. We had to change the key for our voices, so the mandolin part got too complicated on account of my huge fingers on a tiny mandolin fretboard. #9.

Erin singing for "As One" chorus harmonies yay
Erin singing for “As One” chorus harmonies yay

Then I uploaded a minute long “Tweetable Song” that was only 140 characters long. That’s #10.

Nathan Surles had written some lyrics creating a story out of my “Doug the Stink Bug” character and his Avocado song. In “Doug and the Damsel Fly,” the stink bug sings with The Honey Badgers and falls in love with a damsel fly. That’s stink bug song #2 and collaboration #3. Since I only wrote the melody and music for this, I didn’t count it for my 14 songs.

This is where things started to get weird. “Scrapple is the Best Breakfast Meat Ever” was song #11 and I have no idea where it came from. Probably the pot of coffee that I had already consumed so far.

I was really pleased with how “At Both Ends” turned out. It was a combination of some different pieces of advice that I’ve been given over the past few years. Harmonica playing at 2am = #12.

Kill All the Stink Bugs” was the last song that I recorded for the night. #13 was stink bug song #3. Stink bugs really annoy me if you can’t tell.

My last song is called “Two Tons” and is sort of about people not paying attention while they’re driving and is written in the style of The Mountain Goats, so I really did not want to be yelling and waking people up at 3am. So I created song #14 (really #16 on the site) and called it a night. Hopefully I can track that demo this weekend ^_^ Finished FAWM!!

Here are some of the songs that I uploaded to my Soundcloud account:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

I sort of wish that I had taken some vacation in order to relax and have the free time available to write without rushing and more importantly to collaborate. I had been planning to write more with Erin. I was also hoping to have collaborated with Em McKeever and Matthew Halley (they are both incredible), but time did not allow for it. Hopefully next year. Or before then ^_^

2013 was my fifth FAWM and was, like always, completely different than every other year. I’m really looking forward to our annual FAWM showcase event (hosted by the amazing Emkeev). This year it will be on Saturday 3/16 at 7pm at the Film Brothers Co-op on North Market Street in Wilmington. Excited.


In 2012, I played 55 shows, drove 15285 miles, and ate approximately 40 pounds of bacon.

My favourite performances, mainly with The Honey Badgers (Erin ^_^) and a couple solo: Opening for Bobby Long at SCPAB’s winter session concert in January, our Delaware FAWM showcase at the Queen in March, winning the UD battle of the bands in March, weddings and festivals this summer – Out and About’s “Musikarmageddon” at Logan House in June, Musikfest in July, World Cafe Live’s Beta Hi-Fi Festival in August at the Queen, winning the Folk Hero contest at the Delmarva Folk Festival in October, my 100th show ever at “The Six” in November, Christkindlmarkt in December in Bethlehem, and various house shows throughout everywhere (house shows are the best!).

The Honey Badgers had an amazing year. Our weekly video blogs were really fun. Shane, Em, Alyssa, Matt, Sarah, Erin, and I performed at LOMA Coffee in Wilmington in December. We’re almost finished with a second Diner Club compilation CD. It’s exciting. ALSO, FAWM is coming up!! I’m sure you’ll see lots of updates here from whatever I come up with this year. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with Erin as well as other local friends. And maybe Errol. Yay.

Diner Club at LOMA Coffee!
Diner Club at LOMA Coffee! (Glad that I shaved that mess off my face)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to 2013. Maybe I’ll get a haircut. Maybe I’ll vacation away from the North America. Maybe I’ll buy a house. That’s about it.

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recording and mixing

Working on finishing up our Diner Club Collaborative Compilation CD ^_^

We had an all-day session in September and another one in October. On Monday night we tracked the last drum and bass parts with Shane at Supermagic Studios.

On this Friday 12/7, Diner Club is hosting a free show at LOMA Coffee at 6pm [239 N Market St Wilmington, DE]. I’m really looking forward to it. The show will feature Shane Palko, Alyssa Regan, Matthew Halley, Em McKeever, and The Honey Badgers (me and Erin)! I’m excited.

We rehearsed Monday night before recording. It was fun. To finish out the show, we’ll all perform each others’ songs together ^_^

Erin poking Kwali very very gently with her bow
Erin’s bananascope
Em and Matt!
Shane and Em!