FAWM2018 | 03 Better

Don’t really feel that this one is finished, but had to get it out. The chords are weird but I like the organ synth thing that was fun. 2018-02-06.


Ab Cm Eb Cm
Thought our parents knew what’s best
But before we learn better
It’s too late

After all is said and done
They do the best they can
It’s not anyone’s fault

Db Eb Cm Db
Db Eb Cm Bbm7
Name a time when you thought you had it right
But it was just another attempt
At figuring out what works for the moment
You will always have an alternative

Decisions set in motion
Alternate emotions
That cascade into reality

Tell me what you regret
I’ll bet that we aren’t too far apart


Bridgey part Eb Db Cm Bbm7


FAWM2018 | 02 Face It

Erin played a last minute gig at Kelly’s Logan House Friday night. It was Gable Music Venture’s songwriter showcase, which they have brought back after a long break. It was a really fun night with some incredibly talented artists.

Wrote this Saturday afternoon as part of a skirmish (1 hour writing challenge where everyone uses the same title/theme/topic). Could probably use another verse and definitely some better production, but I’m happy with it. 2018-02-03.

“Face It”

He had a face only a mother could love
Spent his time reading books and getting shoved
We were best friends for three summers,
But now he’s gone

His look and sound didn’t fit this town
So instead of gettin’ torn down
He headed out on his own
Forged his own road

You see him on TV; He’s just a memory
Of who you could’ve been by now

Now he’s always being written about
Your buddies wonder if he’ll show up
But a reunion isn’t a reunion if you never had union


So maybe next time you’ll be better
Maybe next time you’ll write that letter

FAWM2018 | 01 True and Dear

First day of FAWM 2018! Trying to blog about it this year more than the past few years.

Thursday was a long day. I wanted to add some harmonies and other instruments to this. I didn’t finish writing and recording this rough demo until 1:30am though, so I didn’t do that. Also I forgot how to sing at the end of the bridge, oops.

Simple song. Somehow this landed in a weird space between country and worship. 2018-02-01.

“True and Dear”

What if we cursed for the last time the day our child was born
Only feelings can outlast time, so let’s no more live in scorn
This could be, a great reality

So let’s love like we’ve got nothing
And run like we have to
And sing songs that sound like
Everything that’s true and dear

And when I wander through the earth, but still come home to you
Every challenge we face; grow stronger each day
What we create, is who we truly are


Time and space move on
But we stand still like the steel
That holds this building up
Forged in a fire; attraction always burning brighter
Than anything else that we will ever know


So let’s love

opossum trouble

Last night when I let the dog out, she sprinted down the porch steps. I heard a rustling in the grass and thought it was just a late night squirrel that would scamper through the chain link fence before Nadia could catch it, just like the squirrels always do. It’s a fun race to watch. I am never sure what Nadia would do if she ever were to catch a squirrel. Well. This was not a squirrel. I saw the dog stop halfway to the fence with something held in her mouth. Something that was clearly furry. There was no struggle. The critter was either dispatched, or playing possum. It was an opossum. I ran out into the muddy snow melty yard in my nice warm and dry socks and told Nadia to drop it. The entire time, the opossum didn’t move. I couldn’t see any blood or mess. The dog dropped the opossum, which still didn’t move. I got her inside and cautiously went back outside with shoes on to inspect the possum situation. Still no movement. I considered poking it with a stick, but didn’t want to reset the possum timer (every time a possum gets scared and plays possum, it has to stay still for a certain amount of time, or at least I assume that’s how it works). I took a picture, brought the dog out front away from the opossum to do her business, and came inside to eat dinner. After checking on the opossum situation every hour or so, it eventually must have cleared its possum clock and ran out of the yard to continue doing opossum things. Weird night.

The dog’s rabies shot is good until next February.

still alive.