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FAWM2018 | 03 Better

Don’t really feel that this one is finished, but had to get it out. The chords are weird but I like the organ synth thing that was fun. 2018-02-06.


Ab Cm Eb Cm
Thought our parents knew what’s best
But before we learn better
It’s too late

After all is said and done
They do the best they can
It’s not anyone’s fault

Db Eb Cm Db
Db Eb Cm Bbm7
Name a time when you thought you had it right
But it was just another attempt
At figuring out what works for the moment
You will always have an alternative

Decisions set in motion
Alternate emotions
That cascade into reality

Tell me what you regret
I’ll bet that we aren’t too far apart


Bridgey part Eb Db Cm Bbm7


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