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opossum trouble | Battleshy Youths
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opossum trouble

Last night when I let the dog out, she sprinted down the porch steps. I heard a rustling in the grass and thought it was just a late night squirrel that would scamper through the chain link fence before Nadia could catch it, just like the squirrels always do. It’s a fun race to watch. I am never sure what Nadia would do if she ever were to catch a squirrel. Well. This was not a squirrel. I saw the dog stop halfway to the fence with something held in her mouth. Something that was clearly furry. There was no struggle. The critter was either dispatched, or playing possum. It was an opossum. I ran out into the muddy snow melty yard in my nice warm and dry socks and told Nadia to drop it. The entire time, the opossum didn’t move. I couldn’t see any blood or mess. The dog dropped the opossum, which still didn’t move. I got her inside and cautiously went back outside with shoes on to inspect the possum situation. Still no movement. I considered poking it with a stick, but didn’t want to reset the possum timer (every time a possum gets scared and plays possum, it has to stay still for a certain amount of time, or at least I assume that’s how it works). I took a picture, brought the dog out front away from the opossum to do her business, and came inside to eat dinner. After checking on the opossum situation every hour or so, it eventually must have cleared its possum clock and ran out of the yard to continue doing opossum things. Weird night.

The dog’s rabies shot is good until next February.

still alive.

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