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Mead | Battleshy Youths
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The first time that I tasted mead was a few years ago in Maine. Erin and I saw a bottle of Maine Mead Works HoneyMaker Blueberry mead on a shelf in the grocery store and decided to try it out since it was blueberry season and we were on vacation.

I have been listening to a ton of homebrew and beer industry podcasts in the past year. One of the better meaderies mentioned occasionally is Moonlight Meadery. Mead is somewhat hard to find in local liquor stores, but State Line Liquors in Elkton, MD, has everything, so I went to their mead section and found a bottle from Moonlight Meadery that sounded good. “Wicked” is flavored with Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla and ginger. It was subtle and spicy and sweet and delicious.

This year two meaderies are opening in Delaware – Liquid Alchemy Beverages in Wilmington, and Brimming Horn Meadery in Milton. I’m excited about both of these. Craft distilleries, meaderies, & cideries are the next wave of the craft beverage industry and are hopefully going to grow rapidly and expose people to the excellent diversity of delicious libations available to them.

Mead has been on my list of things to try homebrewing for a while now. I have some ideas for flavors, now I just need to make the time to “brew” them. It isn’t as complicated a process as brewing beer, so I really should just do it.

Tried a delicious flight of samples at our newest local meadery this past Saturday for National Mead Day. I loved the “Sweet Nothings” base mead and the “Thai Grrr” (chili peppers + lime) & we picked up a bottle of the “Choco-Cherry-Bon-Bon” (cherries + cacao nibs). Check out Liquid Alchemy Beverages near Newport/Elsmere Delaware if you get the chance.

We also got to taste some of the new Twin Lakes (they moved to a new location) brews that same morning at a 5k fundraiser run. I’m not sure why beer is served after runs, but it happened. That night we were also able to join some friends and check out The Creamery of Kennett Square, a new beer garden. It’s dog friendly, which was so nice, and it had great music and lighting and decorating and seating and weather. Made for a wonderful evening.

The Creamery
The Creamery

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