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Last night The Honey Badgers performed at the Regan’s 10th annual Shared Hope International benefit concert. It was a fun time. Wonderful music and a great crowd. Looking back, I think we first played this show four years ago. It’s put on by our friend Alyssa‘s parents to raise funds and awareness to fight human trafficking in the US and abroad.

It’s so easy to just live our lives without even thinking about the fact that humans are being bought and sold as property all around the world. Rescuing slaves and victims of abuse seems overwhelming, but groups like Shared Hope and IJM liberate and protect humans one at a time. There is hope, and we can help by sharing their message and educating people.

Here is a GIF of Fonzie the dog dancing at the afterparty:

And here is a photo that Erin Adams took of me and Erin singing Over My Head:

2016-08-07 The Honey Badgers at Skyline_cropped

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