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South of the Border – Looking back

Andrew and I wrote this song, South of the Border, five years ago today, on 2011-02-04.

It was a part of February Album Writing Month. That session was one of the most organic and natural writing sessions I’ve ever been a part of. We planned to write a song and record a demo in a few hours, and we did it. We wrote out the ideas and the structure and then filled it in. We also checked a map to make sure the geography we mentioned was correct.

This is how Battleshy Youths played it:

This is how The Honey Badgers have played it:

(Featuring Emkeev & Shane Palko)

I also saw in my Timehop this morning that I first did FAWM seven (!) years ago. I remember living in Gilbert Hall at UD (which doesn’t even exist now) and struggling to use Pro Tools and get a decent sound. I was too worried about the audio and not worried enough about writing decent songs.

Life is so much different now. This FAWM it has been hard for me to focus on music. I’m still hoping to write the fourteen (and a half) songs this month, but I want them to be good. If I worry too much about that, then I won’t finish. I should just push myself to write constantly and hope that a few turn out to be decent. I think I just motivated myself.

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