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Technology is amazing, but it can also be frustrating. I have probably posted something about this in the past. When I was younger, I would wonder why adults didn’t want to spend the time to fix problems with malfunctioning technology. I’m realizing more and more often that it just isn’t worth it and doesn’t make sense and finding the actual root of the problem is generally close to impossible. There is always a fix that eventually could be achieved. It just might take a full day of work to figure things out if you have never encountered them before and if Google reveals that nobody else in the world has ever had that exact same problem. I usually tell people who run older versions of Windows to just save their data and reinstall Windows from scratch since that normally removes viruses and problems. That’s just the fastest and easiest way to know there won’t be repeat problems. That, and making sure that everyone has backups of their data. Software has too much junk that slows down computers and getting everything optimized takes time and customization. Computers should have self diagnostics and tell you what is happening and why and how to fix. Robots will not take over the world in the next few decades, because a preteen Russian scriptkiddie could probably just code a virus and shut down every robot in the world within a few minutes of an uprising.

I spent a couple hours last night trying to figure out why Erin’s installation of Premiere CS6 would not let her edit HD422 encoded video files. We loaded the session onto my computer which has CS5 and it worked fine. Why. At least she was able to use my computer. The next problem was that she had been given and was working with files though that weren’t labeled at all. I had specialized software installed called PluralEyes which, lucky for her, was able to sync all of the audio and video files in about four minutes instead of her spending hours manually syncing a dozen clips that run for almost two hours. Why.

Yesterday at work I was on the phone with IT all day trying to figure out why  couldn’t install software that everyone else in my group has no problems with. Why.

Last – my smart watch (a Pebble) doesn’t log my step counts on randoms days. I don’t know why this is or how to fix it. The apps written for these watches have no options. Throughout the day the watch tells me my step count progress, but then it logs a 0 for that day. It’s just a weird thing that I have to ignore and live with. Why.

Why. I moved more than 1 step on all of these days.

Rant over. Please tell me how to fix Premiere or my Pebble if you have any ideas (:

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