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nightscape | Battleshy Youths
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I just got home from the coolest greenhouse & garden art installation that I have ever experienced. Words cannot describe how unique and trippy and impressive and wonderful it was. Longwood Gardens’ Nightscape exhibit is something that everyone in the area needs to see.

My family and I used to go to Longwood when I was younger. We lived in Philly and we were members and it was a nice escape from the city. I love returning there to wander the gardens and read about the expansive history of the DuPont family. Longwood’s fountain shows and fireworks are always the best, but the Nightscape show was so much more impressive than anything I have ever seen in a space like that.

We were celebrating my future mother-in-law Debbie’s birthday. I was really happy to join her and Erin and tour the gardens. We got there around 7 and wandered through the exhibits until 9 when we went to the new Victory Beer Garden to grab a drink before the show started at sunset. Owl and Wolf were performing and had a banjolin. At 9:30, the show started and we began to tour around the gardens.

The artist, Klip Collective, specializes in large scale video projection experiences. The projectors were huge and were mapping light exactly onto the outline of trees and bushes and plants and lit up everything to make it all feel and look alive. It was immersive and spectacular. You should go see it. Here are some pictures and video.

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