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finishing | Battleshy Youths
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I have trouble finishing things.

I’m fine doing the work to record or to film something or to compile data or to buy supplies, but when it comes to rendering actual results and output, I really struggle. I think that part of me wants my work to be perfect and another part of me is just putting everything off to wait for the magical day when I’ll have 8 hours free to fully commit to everything. That will never happen.

This blog has not been updated for 23 months now. I have probably 25 or so draft posts that I have not finished writing and have not yet published. I have 1600 YouTube videos on my Watch Later playlist. I have over two years of concert footage backlog for my local shows YouTube channel. I have thousands of photos that nobody else has ever seen because I have only been capturing content, not releasing it. This needs to change.

In July, I will attempt to post new content here every day. Whether it be a blog post, a new song I’ve written, photos or videos from shows, or other things that I want to share. I’m committing to publishing something at least once a day.

This will be the month in which I begin to get things done. I’m helping Erin plan our wedding and working full time and playing shows and dealing with health issues, but I need to push myself to go beyond the bare minimum. I need to create and feel and live again.

Wish me luck.

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