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the search for a new RSS reader | Battleshy Youths
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the search for a new RSS reader

“Since January 17, 2006, you have read a total of 26,180 items.”

Finding a replacement for Google Reader

I read a lot of blogs. Friends’ blogs, web comics, science-y news, computing and tech and geek blogs, power industry blogs, independent music industry insight, my favorite bands, local news, and many others. Google Reader was the most convenient way to keep track of all of my 163 RSS feed subscriptions, but it is now scheduled to retire on 7/1/13. This means that I need a replacement web-based free RSS reader that isn’t awful and can conveniently import my existing subscriptions.

Andrew suggested possibly using NewsBlur, but that is restricted to 64 subscriptions with a free account. His other option that we’ll both probably try out for now is The Old Reader, which has no mobile app yet because it is so new (and is currently overloaded from new users flocking to it, so it cannot import subscriptions from Google at the moment). Other recommendations that I saw on Reddit and Slashdot and other forums were MsgBoyFeedly, and Bloglines. Here is “Top 10 Alternatives to Google Reader and “State of RSS Readers.”

Technology is weird. I don’t blame Google for taking away a free service; it’s just an annoyance. Forbes has this post which I also liked “Google Reader Shutdown a Sobering Reminder That ‘Our’ Technology Isn’t Ours.”

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