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The Homey Awards!

A not-so-good picture of us at the Homeys!
A not-so-good picture of us at the Homeys! (With an incorrect datestamp)((But many thanks to Lori Citro for the photo!!))

Mark Rogers of WSTW’s Hometown Heroes worked with Gable Music Ventures to put on the 7th Annual Homey Awards live for the first time ever this past Friday night at World Cafe Live at the Queen. It was so much fun. Lots of our musician friends were there. Some great bands played (Ike!) and the entire night was wonderful.

The Honey Badgers got to announce the award for Best Collaboration. Unfortunately, we did not win anything this year (congrats to Kyle Swartzwelder for winning Best Folk/Americana Artist), but we were pronounced Best Dressed by a couple intoxicated men. It was a really enjoyable night. I’m looking forward to releasing our new EP and full length this year and hopefully winning an award when it comes time for next year’s awards ^_^

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