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recording and mixing

Working on finishing up our Diner Club Collaborative Compilation CD ^_^

We had an all-day session in September and another one in October. On Monday night we tracked the last drum and bass parts with Shane at Supermagic Studios.

On this Friday 12/7, Diner Club is hosting a free show at LOMA Coffee at 6pm [239 N Market St Wilmington, DE]. I’m really looking forward to it. The show will feature Shane Palko, Alyssa Regan, Matthew Halley, Em McKeever, and The Honey Badgers (me and Erin)! I’m excited.

We rehearsed Monday night before recording. It was fun. To finish out the show, we’ll all perform each others’ songs together ^_^

Erin poking Kwali very very gently with her bow
Erin’s bananascope
Em and Matt!
Shane and Em!

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